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Thanks for the transaction.
Jaericho Report | 07/12/2012 10:48 pm
Okay, I'll text you tomorrow.
Promsie<3 whee
Jaericho Report | 07/11/2012 10:56 am
I misses you!
Kawaii_Hime_Ceres Report | 05/20/2012 9:07 am
III Berry III Report | 05/05/2012 12:10 am
um, Hey babe, did you like get the character profile in your PM? 'Cause its showing sent and then isn't there in my sent box eek rolleyes
idiotscope Report | 04/29/2012 12:35 pm
the last PM you sent me worked fine though?
Duriono Report | 04/25/2012 4:29 pm
curses~ D<
Duriono Report | 04/25/2012 3:58 pm
Can I trade my baby cousin for him?
Duriono Report | 04/25/2012 3:44 pm
Bwaugh. V:
I can't handle babies. Too much work for the Duri-ster.



Hi! I'm Nikki. I've got so many nicknames it's ridiculous and I can't keep up.You can just call me
Dragons Fox or Missy like my avi. Doesn't matter much to me.

I've returned to Gaia to discover the most awesome RP's ever to be plotted and executed. I've been RP'ing for over a decade and a half. I feel old. I even started on paper...yeah. Love it.

I live in SoCal but my dream is to live in Germany. I'm currently on a quest to get my masters in teaching. I want to be a high school English teacher. If you need any help with literature, papers, or editing let me know.

Oh, I'm also a cosmetologist. (I kind of moonlight that one right now).

I go incredibly obsessive compulsive with this site so I'm going to attempt to stick to mainly socializing and ignore all other aspects... -Looks at avi- ...We can all see how much of a fail this is...u.u

I live off of Starbucks Caramel Fappuccinos and Dunkin Donuts caramel iced lattes....

Gaia is like my home. It will forever be home no matter where I live.

I'm married to my roommate... :3

That is all. For now.

I'll add more later. Maybe.


My Character Profiles [RP]

I will, on occasion, do an anime based RP.
[Yugioh is my favorite.]
Please see rules to the right.
My Guild

User Image
Name: Misune, Missy for short.
Age: Unknown
Race: Fox Demon
Class: Sorceress
Orientation: Lesbian
Abilities: Magic
Weapon: Staff
Personality: Fun but don't cross her

User Image
Name: Anslie Inigami
Age: Around 27
Race: Elf
Class: Light
Orientation: Straight
Location: England
Abilities: White Magic
Weapon: Twin daggers and a bow
Personality: Shy but usually quick to warm up
About: Anslie is a light elf who, ever since her birth, had attracted the interest of a shinigami. After many years of watching her, another shinigami, Renji, realized the profound attraction Shinigami had to the light elf and took her soul. Anslie's family found her body and deeply mourned their loss for many weeks, finally leaving her body to return to nature and the earth. It was not long before Shinigami went to once again see Anslie, to watch her from afar, only to find her body blossomed with flowers. Shinigami could feel the presence of Renji still lingering as anger welled deep within his core. In order to resurrect a life unfairly taken, one had to destroy the shinigami responsible. Without a moments haste, Shinigami found Renji and tore apart the shinigami's very being. With a gentle guiding hand, Shinigami brought Anslie's soul back to her body giving her no recollection of her life or her rebirth. The only thing she knew was that she was laying under the stars. Live on Anslie Inigami... Shinigami whispered, and then he was gone.

[Anslie's full story is also my writing sample which you can find here.]

User Image
Name: Kelsi Rose McClaire
Age: 26
Race: Human
Class: Witch
Orientation: Strong preference towards women
Location: Ireland
Abilities: Magic
Weapon: Small silver hand gun
Personality: Shy, introverted, and somewhat serious
About: After a harrowing childhood, Kelsi left her father to study at one of Japan's top universities to pursue a degree in business and psychology. Almost instantly, Kelsi and her roommate, Keelin, became best friends deciding that they would rent an apartment together for the duration of their studies. After they'd both graduated top of their class, they opened what would be the first of two cafes together.

One night, Kelsi and Keelin were having wine over desserts when Keelin told Kelsi there was something she had to admit. Keelin explained that she was part of a beloved and famous family clan of witches and warlocks in Ireland, most of whom were in hiding. The McClaires had been fighting and underground war for a few hundred years against the Dark Irish Clan who wanted to gain control of all magics; they were unable to do so as long as one McClaire was still alive. Because of the war, Keelin moved to Japan where it would be easier to hide but, there were recent indications that the Dark Clan was become active, most likely to draw out the McClaires.

On one fateful evening, Kelsi met Blake who insisted not only upon seeing Keelin, but also taking Kelsi to dinner. Obliging to bring Keelin to meet him, Kelsi was introduced to Blake McClaire, Keelin's brother who had risk his life to find his sister. Together, the siblings explained, they were that much more powerful should the Dark Clan attempt to reach them.

After much persistence, Kelsi reluctantly agreed to go on a date with Blake. They were eventually married and decided moved to a small town in Ireland where Kelsi would be able to open a second cafe. After only a few short years together, Blake was killed by one of Dark Irish Clansmen and transferred his powers to Kelsi just before he died. Keelin, in a fit of grief and rage, went after the Clansman who had murdered her brother. Expecting that she wouldn't be able to reveal herself to the Dark Clan and live, Keelin cast a spell so that her power would also be transferred to Kelsi at the time of her death, which made Kelsi the most powerful witch in Ireland.

In her own fit of rage, after losing her husband and then her best friend, Kelsi unleashed her raw power and wiped out each member of the Dark Irish Clan. Now, content to live a quiet and private life, Kelsi resides in Ireland with her black shepherd, Zoey, with ownership of a cafe in Japan and Ireland. She has developed a close bond with her brother and is grateful that she can use magic to visit him in Japan whenever she likes.

[Kelsi is/was originally an OC using a Yugioh setting, as Yugi's older sister, however, she can be played in any setting.]

User Image
Name: Niko
Age: 316
Location: Underworld/ Mortal World
Race: Wolf Demon
Class: None
Orientation: Straight
Abilities: None
Weapon: Claws
Personality: Very outgoing and fun loving
About: Niko was orphaned at a young age with the details being vague and unclear. There were often whispers as to whether the head of the pack knew exactly what transpired or if the pieces would never come together. After a few months, the point was moot it seemed the incident was all but forgotten. Niko became the Pack's responsibility, no elder more responsible for his well being than the next. Most of his time was spent being watched by his late parents' longtime friends and also the parents of his best friend, Gem. Niko was always curious, constantly exploring or looking for an adventure whether real or imagined. A lot of the Pack thought that with the death of his parents, his desires to venture would at least subdue. Much to the annoyance to those who watched over him the most, Niko was not deterred in the least.

On occasion, Niko and Gem would run off together, fighting invisible forces or looking for a hidden city deep in the caves that belonged to the Pack's territory even though those adventures were few and far in between. Niko spent most time wandering alone, looking for other races or new creatures after escaping the view of his elders. Sometimes it was only for a few hours. The longest he'd been gone was a week.

It wasn't long before the mortal realm became a favorite place for Niko to observe. Humans were such fascinating creatures! The technology they had, though he understood just about none of it, was absolutely intriguing. He never got too close. It was too risky for a human to notice him. In his wolf form, it was easy to watch from just mere feet away in the woods when the humans weren't paying attention. He was faster than their eyes anyway.

Nearing the time when wolf demons were no longer considered children, Niko found a narrow mouthed cave along the border of the Pack's territory. The first twenty five or thirty feet was just big enough for him to squeeze into while he was in his wolf form. After that, it opened to a cozy space with the height of the ceiling at about twelve feet. It was the first place he felt at home in almost two decades. Subsequently, it was also where he had stashes of human items that he collected from the human world. Admittedly, he only knew what a select few of those items were.

He's fun loving and kindhearted but always had felt like a bit of an outsider. Most of the time he passes his days alone never staying in one place for too long.

User Image
Name: Zau
Age: About 23
Location: Germany
Race: Human
Class: Sorceress
Orientation: Bisexual
Abilities: Magic
Weapon: Staff
Personality: Extroverted, mischievous, and always looking for adventure
About: Zau is a mischievous sorceress who positively loves anything, cute, furry, shiny, sharp, or pointy. She's very friendly and outgoing however, it's extremely advisable to not make her angry. She has a relatively short temper and is not afraid to make her opinion known. She often refers to people as "the humans" so it is sometimes assumed that she herself is not human however, she denies this fact stating that "they are, in fact, humans". Zau is intensely protective of those she likes and will stop at nothing to ensure they're happy and safe. Zau also loves to travel and try new things, especially food. Ice cream is one of her favorites.

[I originally played as the Dark Magician Girl and then decided to have her "integrate" into the human world using the name "Zau". She, by far. is my most versatile character and, depending on the story line, I can change up her past a bit; she could fit into [almost] any plot.]

User Image
Name: Zeralynn
Age: 28
Location: ??
Race: Succubus/Shapeshifter
Class: Snow Leopard
Orientation: Pansexual
Abilities: Ice Magic
Weapon: Claws
Personality: Social, brazen, and generally thrill seeking
About: ??

Dragons Fox

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Registered: 04/04/2005

Gender: Female

Location: SoCal

Birthday: 08/16/1988

Occupation: Call Center Lead


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Please PM me if you wish to discuss a plot. <3

My RP Guide

-I have a guild for organizational neatness.

-If you wish to role play with me, I ask that you request an invite to my guild so that I know you actually intend to start a role play.

-I will not role play through PMs, IMs, or email. Forum threads only please.

-I like to discuss plots based on what characters will be used or which characters will be used based on a plot. I really like when someone says "I want to play with this character!"

-Being literate is not defined as using a thesaurus for 90% of your post. On that note, please be literate.

-I believe in quality over quantity; Please write at least three paragraphs. (That is fifteen sentences.) I have done all lengths of RPs so I tend to mirror how much the other person writes.

-How much I write depends on how much I have to go off of. There are only so many tangents I can go off on so please please please, give me something to reply to. (See above).

-I don't generally (or ever) have my characters interact with each other. I can add in NPCs as necessary.

-I like action, adventure, comedy, fantasy, sci-fi, drama, and mystery. Horror if there's a good plot.

-I don't like gore, fighting, or romance.

-I prefer one on one role playing. I haven't had much luck with group RPs.

-I am incredibly busy. I work full time and I like to have something of a life (See adulting sucks). I can almost guarantee that I will reply at least once a week but if you're curious, just send me a polite PM. See the reply status section to the left there- if I didn't update it, I didn't get your reply.

If you want a sample of my writing, click here.

-Questions? comments? PM me. It keeps things neat.

-I will add to this as I see fit.

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-Don't go OCD x.x
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