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If I've unfriended you it's probably because I don't recognize your UN and we haven't talked - I don't hate you just hit me up again!

Edit: I'm also doing a full friends list purge for the new year to recenter. Just hit me up again!

Gaia contributions:
-Alchemy Fusion Cache (partnered with bluealaris)
-D-Party voting prize system (I guess?)
-First User Recolor Kin (...Is this even an accomplishment?)
-User Recolor Kin perfect parcel loophole to redeem additional copies
-A couple custom items
-Original concept of Color Scheme Showcase


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Sooskay is tired Report | 08/16/2019 8:32 pm
Sooskay is tired
ty for the purchaseee
Zaade Report | 08/02/2019 4:54 pm

    btw your avatar is pretty kawaiiiii
Zaade Report | 08/02/2019 12:27 pm

    I'm moving! Right now i'm living in a Hotel with my BFF while we desperately search for a place to live.
    I've popped in a few times but haven't had time to post really.
Zaade Report | 07/16/2019 7:18 pm
I do have other questions!
But I keep forgetting them before I can ask.
Just like when i buy s**t off Amazon, soon as I hit the final purchase button - THEN i remember one other thing i needed
Zaade Report | 07/16/2019 7:02 pm
Here's lookin' at you
avacantspace Report | 06/28/2019 7:41 am
AAA heart
Thank you so much for the welcome gift!
3nodding hope you have a great day!
Bryie Report | 06/23/2019 6:31 pm
User Image

You're cute.

User Image
chipotlay Report | 06/18/2019 4:14 pm
ty for buying heart
OtakuKat Report | 06/05/2019 4:39 pm
Thanks for buying 3nodding
Vro Report | 05/31/2019 2:11 pm
WHOA, thank you so much for the fringe!! emotion_kirakira