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If I've unfriended you it's probably because I don't recognize your UN and we haven't talked - I don't hate you just hit me up again!

Gaia contributions:
-Alchemy Fusion Cache (partnered with bluealaris)
-D-Party voting prize system (I guess?)
-First User Recolor Kin (...Is this even an accomplishment?)
-User Recolor Kin perfect parcel loophole to redeem additional copies
-A couple custom items
-Original concept of Color Scheme Showcase

Town: Gambino
Suits: Clubs
Dragon: Tiamat
Night Sky: (tbd)


User Image
An inari helping bring thunderstorms and rain to
the land near the shrine she inhabited until the
shrine fell into disrepair. Stuck asleep and
dreaming for years until someone arrives...
Useful skills: Basic fire and lightning, dreamwalking, transformation (prefers flight)

User Image
A kappa plucked from a river as a child by a
kind woman and raised in normal Gaian
society. When people were swept away by
a flood, she jumped into action. She's now
called to investigate hard to reach places.
Has a special headpool strap to keep her
water in place.
Useful skills: Swimming, strength, medical knowledge

A king cheetah girl with trust issues. Working
as part of an odd freedom fighters network
spying on Somnus.
Useful skills: Kindred taming, speed, grace

To be announced
Her name can mean Love, Ruin, or Divine...she fits a few

Company specializing in dream technology

Fun Facts
Sera has a crush on Fei!
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Useful Links
Natsube's master CI list
Old master CI list by Ridley
Modern CI list(s) linked
Cosplay guild
kayra's scheme guilde

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Dankin Report | 03/24/2021 12:05 am

Oh you!

But Dankin goes where he pleases! dramallama
Dankin Report | 03/23/2021 8:01 pm
I'm looking forward to it.

I just thought of a good RP thread to make in Barton Town:
"Dankin Donuts". Everyone can visit with their OCs and hilarity can ensue. xd
Dankin Report | 03/23/2021 7:56 pm
It was fun and unexpected.
I hope you enjoyed it. I sure did. biggrin
Dankin Report | 03/23/2021 7:53 pm
"A business card? Oh...uh...actually I just gave the last one away to another client! Heh heh!" sweatdrop
*Dankin nervously looks around for a scrap of paper and a pen*
"Here. This is the address of the apartment I'm renting in Durem. You have any need of my services, just send a letter there."
*Dankin hands Ryota the scrap of paper*
"Thanks for your patronage, lad!" ninja
Dankin Report | 03/23/2021 7:41 pm
*Mana peeks from behind Dankin before slowly emerging again once Kari has left*
"Well lad, business can be pretty slow. The Buttercup Café is the place to go to for most Gaians.
I can usually close up shop for a few hours and do some hero work. Worst case scenario, I leave Mana in charge.
That's a last resort though, because he tends to eat the profits. Caught him swimming in the glaze once too." sweatdrop
Dankin Report | 03/23/2021 7:31 pm
*Mana flies behind Dankin and clings to the back of his head*
Mana: "Sh-she's scary, koala!"
"You're quite the firecracker, beautiful. I like that in a woman." wink
*Dankin looks to Ryota*
"Mercenary extraordinaire Dankin at your service, lad. I hope you enjoy your snack."
Dankin Report | 03/23/2021 7:15 pm
"I try to keep this little guy away from them, he's quite a glutton."
*Politely takes the credit card and completes the transaction*
"I only hope this elegant confection is as elegant and as sweet as you, beautiful." wink
Mana: "Dankin! She's with her man-friend and you're flirting?! You're so bold, koala!" 4laugh
Dankin Report | 03/23/2021 7:00 pm
" ube donut? O-of course! Anything for such a fetching customer!" wink
...... sweatdrop
*Prepares a donut with only the finest cream filling, fresh classic glaze and imported artisan sprinkles*
Mana: "Are those donut holes, koala? So that's where they keep going!" 4laugh
Dankin Report | 03/23/2021 6:18 pm
Hey, don't look a gift-donut in the mouth! dramallama
I like chocolate icing and sprinkles personally.
Mana likes every donut there is. He's eating most of the ones we make... sweatdrop
Dankin Report | 03/23/2021 5:52 pm
An old classic: original glaze ring donut. Can't beat the classics!
I threw a few sprinkles on there for good measure, but that'll be our little secret. ninja