Things you might like to know about the wonderful Sera!

ღ Animals are my heart and my passion. I take their care very seriously so you bullies out there betta watch out D:<

ღ I freaking LOVE rainbows! They are my everything...needless to say I am on a mission to get all rainbow items so ya know you can slide some moolah on here here *wink wink nudge nudge*

ღ Meeting people is something I love to do, however I am pretty shy so you might just have to slip me a PM or Comment to get my attention...please? xD

ღ I really don't like people that are rude or who bully others for their looks or sexual preferences. I see it all the time on here and its a disappointment to me so if you are someone who trolls...don't count on me being overly social with you

ღ I'm rather friendly and can't be a little odd at times but hey that's what makes things fun right?

This be the end of my tales so if you would like to befriend me or perhaps get to know me, feel free to message me anytime. I don't bite, I promise! :3