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Hi there~ Ducky here.~

I've been drifting away from Gaia lately. If you're looking for me, try one of the sites below. If you'd like my skype/AIM/Yahoo/whatever the frick I have like a million messengers, shoot me a PM~ (I'll try to check back occasionally)
Fur affinity: BabyDucklingLove
dA: Buried-above-love
tumblr: BabyDucklinglove
Neopets?????? is that a thing still: BabyDucklingLove
Steam: BabyDucklingLove (not on there as much)

My shops:
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LilDayDreamer Report | 11/06/2020 8:37 pm
Serafeen Report | 05/31/2020 6:41 pm
Hi!! How are you?!
LilDayDreamer Report | 04/06/2020 7:55 am
Yeah those emails are starting to get annoying xD
Like shut up we ain’t gonna pay .
LilDayDreamer Report | 04/05/2020 9:35 am
PB is a jerk now grr.
Now everyone who uses it has to pay like a monthly fee or finding a new place to keep your stuff
LilDayDreamer Report | 04/03/2020 9:19 am
I am good , been a little obsessed with chance items lol but other then that I am good. I mean I’m having issues with photobucket and trying to put all the art I’ve received in the pass in my discord , which it’s long a tedious because I’m trying to add the artist name too. It’s a struggle because well I do have a few artwork xD
LilDayDreamer Report | 04/03/2020 6:08 am
DUCKY! How are you ? <3
melon pansu Report | 12/31/2019 11:01 pm
hey ducky!! it's me pockii idk if u still remember me haha but i wanted to say congrats !! emotion_bigheart
SilverTetsusaiga Report | 06/12/2019 11:43 am
I understand that !! Work can kill motivation like nobody's business.
I struggle getting everyday tasks like dishes and stuff done too and end up shoving them all into my only day off and it's like "ughhhhhh".
It wouldn't be so bad if I got 2 days off a week. Lol. One day for getting chores and errands done, one day to do stuff for me or just destress. Lol.
Though my bf makes it hard cause he keeps me stressed out like ALL THE TIME. Bleh.

Yeah, though honestly it doesn't have to be big or fancy or expensive.
You could always just invite your immediate family and close friends and have a simple justice of the peace (courthouse) wedding.
It's simple and cheap. Just nice dress clothes and done. Lol.
Maybe have a small reception some where.
Wedding planning is only as complex as you want it to be.
And doesn't need to cost a lot either.
It's about you and him making a commitment to each other, not about fancy dresses and craxy decorations.

Also, Pinterest is your BFF for like ideas for simple weddings, or just ideas for different wedding things in general.
I'm never getting married, but it doesn't mean I don't have a board of ideas just for shits and giggles. >w<

SilverTetsusaiga Report | 05/05/2019 6:43 am
Haha. I change mine a lot as well. If I haven't changed it in a while it's cause I either really really love that avi or I haven't had time to be on. Lol.
I know that feeling. I work 6 days a week (sometimes 7 if a lot of people called off and they need me) and it's kinda hard to balance work and doing the stuff you love to do.

Also, I just saw your status. Congratulations !!!! I wish you guys all the best !!!

LilDayDreamer Report | 04/18/2019 1:30 pm
So house looking good . Monday there will be a photographer taking pictures of our house and then maybe we can take a break from this realtor crap.

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