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:ღ: Gaia Name :ღ:
Vanima Sulie
:ღ: Wrestlers Name :ღ:
Vanima Sulie
:ღ: Nickname :ღ:
The Beautiful Wind

:ღ: Gender :ღ:
:ღ: Sexuality :ღ:
Swings Both Ways
:ღ: Age :ღ:
:ღ: Race :ღ:
Native American
:ღ: Nationality :ღ:
Native American / Irish
:ღ: Hometown :ღ:
(... To Be Revealed ...)

:ღ: Looka :ღ:
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Casual Look
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Backstage Look
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In Ring Look

:ღ: Heel or Face :ღ:
Currently Tweener
:ღ: Weight Class :ღ:
Vixen / Cruiserweight
:ღ: Gimmick :ღ:
While being a new wrestler Vanima has yet to sway either to the heel or
face side, but she does come with her own story as well. Because behind
the whole butterfly attire goes a whole story. Her mask is currently just as
important to her as the mask of a luchador, but for different reasons.
While being quite new herself, she is actually a third generation but not
wanting to live within the shadows of her her father and grandfather, she
has entered the wrestling scene with this masquerade. Vanima is
mysterious because of that, time will tell what kind of person is hiding
underneath her mask.
:ღ: Entrance Music :ღ:
Making April - Roses & Butterflies
:ღ: Entrance Description :ღ:
As her theme starts to play and her little promo of butterflies and roses
appears on the titantron, Vanima comes out the back and walks over to
the top of the ramp. She then proceeds to point up in the air,
simultaneously on each side of the ramp a purple pyro will shoot into the
air and as she moves her arms sideways, the pyros will fly towards the
outer edges of the stage till her arms are horizontal. Then she will proceed
to point at the ring, smiles and makes a dash for the ring. Close to it she
will turn around, make a backwards cartwheel before moving into a
backflip, landing herself upon the apron, her arms resting onto the top
rope, from where she will step into the ring.

:ღ: Most Favored Matches :ღ:
Ladder Matches
Tag Team Matches
:ღ: Least Favored Matches :ღ:
Panties & Bras Matches
Lumberjill Matches

:ღ: Finishers :ღ:
Springboard Corkscrew Flying Forearm Smash
Flight of the Butterfly
Spinning 360 Sideslam
:ღ: Signature Moves :ღ:
Moonsault Leg Drop
Spinning Heel Kick
Rolling Wheel Kick
Backflip Kick
Knife Edge Chops
:ღ: Weapons :ღ:
Prefers Belts But Uses Often A Rose

:ღ: Biography :ღ:
(... Work In Progress ...)
:ღ: Personality :ღ:
A Tad Bit Humble // Decently Generous // Compassionate But Ruthless When Needed
Quite Optimistic // Leaning Towards Naïve // Very Dependable Person
Social Minded // Loyal To A Point // Definitely Bold
More Than Driven
:ღ: Personality Quirks :ღ:
Smoke 0% // Drink 40% // Drugs 0%
Steroids 0% // Law Problems 40% // Religious 10%
:ღ: Other Roles :ღ:
Done Some Valet Work

:ღ: Wrestling Style :ღ:
High Flyer With An Impact
:ღ: Performance Skills: :ღ:
Face 80% // Heel 70% // Cool 75% // Cocky 25%
Crazy 60% // Legit 50% // Comedy 20% // Weasel 40%
Brute 20% // Weird 25% // Wholesome 80%
:ღ: Fighting Skills: :ღ:
Brawling 70% // Puroresu 35% // Hardcore 50% // Aerial 100%
Submissions 60% // Athleticism 90% // Toughness 80% // Stamina 100%
Power 75% // Intensity 95% // Stiffness 10% // Resilience 80%
MMA Style 60%
:ღ: Technical Skills: :ღ:
Flashiness 80% // Mat Work 65% // Chain Wrestling 85% // Basics 80%
Psychology 85% // Safety 70% // Consistency 85% // Selling 75%
Charisma 95%
:ღ: Other Skills: :ღ:
Microphone 75% // Acting 75% // Announcing 70% // Respect 95%
Reputation 75% // Sex Appeal 69% // Star Quality 85% // Menace 45%
Refereeing 50%

:ღ: Relationships :ღ:
(... To Be Created ...)

:ღ: Championship Reigns :ღ:
(... None Yet ...)
:ღ: Tag Team & Stable Affiliations :ღ:
(... Maybe To Be Created ...)
:ღ: Other Awards & Achievements :ღ:
(... None Yet ...)


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Cartwright Report | 11/21/2018 9:10 am
Greetings friend!

I have control of WWFG! We are in great danger! We need your help to defeat the EVIL WCWG from Gaia once and for all! Let's make it an EPIC WIN for the good guys! cool
Yukari Clepsydra Report | 02/22/2010 7:31 pm
Yukari Clepsydra
Good luck in your match
Murderess of Love Report | 09/15/2009 6:02 pm
Murderess of Love
Hi - thanks so much for buying the Butterfly! Peace.
Drive Type Wild Report | 09/08/2009 9:33 pm
Drive Type Wild
You'll like the next fic that contains Vanima. xd
Michiko Neilson Report | 07/23/2009 5:38 pm
Michiko Neilson
Thanks for buying :3
Drive Type Wild Report | 07/19/2009 10:49 am
Drive Type Wild
Happy birthday. How old are you now?
Drive Type Wild Report | 07/15/2009 9:35 am
Drive Type Wild
I like your profile.
akira_cute01 Report | 05/20/2009 3:23 am
hi elo
Our Memories Report | 05/09/2009 12:10 am
Our Memories
Ty for the purchase. :]
x-OverKill-x Report | 03/22/2009 2:58 am
you have been accepted to my RP. Go to the forurm, and click on the NEW PEOPLE CLICK HERE forum. Do everything it says and you should be fine



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