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Gender: Male

Location: Arizona

Occupation: Thermometer

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You can call me X.

Some facts!

* I'm 23.

* I love to eat candy, watch cheesy 80's movies, listen to music, and play video games.

*My favorite candies are Gummy Bears, Jolly Ranchers and Kit Kats.

* My favorite movie is The Goonies.

* My favorite game is Animal Crossing, but my 3DS is busted, so I can't play it. stressed

* I have 7 dogs and each one of them are awful at being dogs, but I still love them.

* I love the colors Green, Royal Blue, & Cyan.

* My favorite animals are Pandas, Grizzly Bears & Polar other words, bears.

* I don't really talk unless talked to, except for a few circumstances.

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Brad of Earth Report | 02/11/2018 10:13 am
Brad of Earth
AH that SUCKS.
Brad of Earth Report | 02/10/2018 1:52 am
Brad of Earth
Yes i do, im a huge marvel fan. i actually run a popular marvel instagram page called @MarvelComic_Fans. I like DC as well.
Brad of Earth Report | 02/10/2018 1:01 am
Brad of Earth
I am a huge fan of Marvel Movies.
Brad of Earth Report | 02/08/2018 8:37 pm
Brad of Earth
skyrim, dragon ball fighter z, pokemon, etc
Brad of Earth Report | 02/08/2018 8:25 pm
Brad of Earth
its good, how are you?
Ramla Xenon Report | 01/23/2018 8:30 pm
Ramla Xenon
Hi! Yeah, thought your avatar was pretty awesome looking! And thanks, I appreciate it! biggrin Hope you have a good day!
henlo Report | 01/02/2018 9:29 pm
bless im gonna check em out
and yeah synth gives me life
henlo Report | 01/02/2018 8:18 pm
your profile music is the first that i legitimately liked and let play
mangabent Report | 11/25/2017 8:52 pm
Listen to me sing "Spongebob F.U.N Song" on #Smule: #SingKaraoke
Nazune Miku Report | 11/24/2017 9:31 am
Nazune Miku
Are you playing pocket camp?!