About moi

Me. I won't tell you my age, but I can tell you: I love Winnie the Pooh♥Pixar♥reading♥art♥my friends♥my teddy bear, Kathy♥anime/manga♥GAIA~♥my XC buddies♥my kitteh♥le peuple français♥onii-chan♥onee-chan♥otou-san♥ mommy♥PE with Sparky♥Kyle R. from kindergarten♥emo people (lol, "Romeo, you're such an emo little tripper")♥rain♥dragons and faeries♥Kikkoman♥Domo-kun♥Monty Python♥cemeteries♥solar panels♥nice people who don't brag♥my SSB Brawl/Melee buddies♥frozen peas♥Trix cereal♥SAILOR MOON(I guess that fits with the anime category...)♥my little cousins, because they look up to me♥My favorite squirrels: Fat N. Chubby and I.M. Plump (I would get a picture, but His and Her Fatness are surprisingly fast for their size)♥Barry the banana pe--I mean, erm, UNICORN (long story)♥ my retarded computer♥winning an argument♥Hello Kitty♥people who donate gaia gold to me (which SHOULD mean YOU...so start donating!)

I really, REALLY hate: spam♦typos♦my locker neighbors, who NEED TO GET A ROOM!♦the fact that Misty left the Pok e mon series♦chain mail♦people who constantly brag♦running on hills♦acne♦Jonas, Miley Cyrus, HSM, and all that crap♦having to solve my friends' relationship problems even though they almost never listens to MY feelings ( crying )♦stalkers♦the fact that Han and Pauline moved♦April 29--my friend's death day♦stupid obsessions (i.e., "Edward Cullen" and all that crap)♦the emotional fallacy known as "love"♦posers♦other stuff that I'm too lazy to point out

I am scared of puppets. (oAo)

♥daisuki yo~!♥
my mule account
watashi no neko
my twin brother =A=
my BFFAEAEAE...(best friend forever and ever and ever...) AKA Alexis
my asian neighbor/sista xD
practically never goes on anymore...
the taco man
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