All Hail the Almighty Sugar Tit Landshark

-Ryo is so fine she got paid to lose it.-

-Ryo gets paid to be Ryo.-

-Ryo pays Ryo to be Ryo.-

-Ryo gets paid for sex, she's high class.-

-Ryo is so fine, when she gets laid she gets paid for it.-

-Yo dawg, I heard you like Ryo. So we put a Ryo in a Ryo, so Ryo can Ryo while
you Ryo.-

-Ryo is so fine, other prostitutes get jealous.-

-Ryo is so fine, the waiter tips HER for being at their restaurant.-

-Ryo is so fine, that beauty pagents refuse to allow her to spectate cause she
distracts the judges.-

-Ryo is so fine, she once won American Idol just by texting in her vote.-

-Ryo is so fine, she once cause Neil Patrick Harris to turn straight.-

-Ryo is so fine, she's the reason gay rights are outlawed, because it's illegal to not be attracted to her.-

-Ryo's so awesome, the internet crashes from her sheer force of awesome.-

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