Who am I? I'm Esca!

Henlo! If you've come here to find out a little more about me, here's what you need to know!

♕ I love to roleplay in Barton Town with my friends! My biggest thing is romance, I'm terrible-- I know, as well as post-apocalyptic, superhero, supernatural, fantasy-- you name it! I typically browse around, but if you have something you'd like to shoot at me to take a look at, feel free to by all means.

My current roleplays are 「 ɗʀαɢoиғαʟʟ 」 and the walk-in 「 under the watchful eyes of gods 」! I'm also in a one x one called 「 ❛♚ øʙʟιvιøи 」~

♕ I am part of the Project Custom users on the website that like to redeem tickets to recolor items and stuff! I created the colorscheme Wildfire, as well as re-creating a pre-existing scheme called Gasoline! I hope I'm not saying that wrong-- but either way those are my babies. Right now I'm pretty addicted to Anubis. I was huge on seabreeze (and still love it), and catharsis~ I want more Leonine and more Sadodere (with melon red hair, mm~)!

If you are looking for something to make with me, check out my collaboration thread here! It's more of a tracker, but I love working on things with people and as you can see-- I have a lot of projects. Haha!

♕ Lastly here are some random facts about myself:

♡ I am 25, born 9/27.
♡ I am kind of an introvert.
♡ I like to play Monster Super League on IOS!
♡ I have a ps4 and love Monster Hunter World & Nier Automata, now KH3!
♡ I like to draw in my spare time, & am behind on commissions currently.
♡ I like to watch anime & tv shows on occasion~
♡ I love Dr Pepper and yellow cake with chocolate frosting~
♡ I love Bo Burnham and various stand up comedy.
♡ I love my friends.

❤ I am Chloe. Thanks for visiting!