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As a Nobody I have no heart, so I have no feelings of my own. Only memories of what I believe to be my own. What was it like once when I was like all of you...?

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Lets throw away the bullshit shall we?

-I live for me.
-I hate people who interupt me, ESPECIALLY WHEN I'M BEING SERIOUS.
-I've come to terms with that I need someone so amazing & understanding of my choices & everything I do in my life friend or more to function, pathetic. But true.
-I may come across as a b***h, but I'd like to call it I'm prepared for the worse.
-I love anime. Get the fudge over it.
-I don't get jealous of people, I find it pointless.
-I don't care what others think of me.
-I like what I like because I like it. Not because others do.
-I hate sushi with a passion
-Ask anyone who TRULY knows me, I'm brutally honest.
-I tend to have to pee when I'm nervous.
-The color red fascinates me.
-I am a damn good artist and I'm not afraid to prove it.
-I love Lolita dresses, I will own one.
-I sleep with a teddy bear every night.
-I read all the time. I love reading.
-I watch alot of TV. Sue me.
-I've had many bad relationships & friendships. I find it hard to trust.
-I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve.
-I find people who cuss every five seconds annoying.
-I like dying my hair multiple colors.
-Rachel McAdams is an amazing actress.
-I eat more than healthy for me, I'm also a grease food junky.
-I feel naked without my make-up.
-Alot of girls hate me, I honestly don't get why.
-No woman or man should have to impress a man or woman. Be yourself.
-I talk about my restroom experiences, don't like it? TOO BAD.
-Whenever I meet someone who says "I'm weird so be completely open with me. I won't mind." I end up crossing the line and end up being WAY TOO WEIRD for them to handle.
-I believe there is no heaven or hell, God and Jesus exist. But when you died if your good your reincarnated. If bad you'll wonder the earth as a ghost. This is were the saying "Hell On Earth" comes in. And inbetween that is the place I like to call the "white room" aka the light or heaven where you wait out til god decides your fate.
-I am very perverted and not afraid to show it.
-I love looking at the night sky & just counting as many stars as possible til all my worries are gone.
-I follow my heart not my brain
-Tend to not pay attention to things that bore me.
-I like that I'm not like anyone you've ever met, if you truly find the time to know me.
-I tend to take care of my friends when they truly need it.
-I'm a hopeless romantic.
-I laugh at almost everything.
-I love long hair on guys
-I now know that I hate whining and or bitching about your pathetic life.
-If you say I'm ganna kill myself then either do it because we would all be better or or stfu.
-I don't fight unless struck first. You start it I will end it.
-I'm a lover to the point where you make me want to kill you.
-It takes a lot to anger me.
-How about you girls out there that like to call me "Slut" or "Whore" and lastly my personal favorite "Skinny Kniving b***h" (only a jealous fat person would call me that. Pretty sad if you ask me. Put down the hamburger and maybe you wouldn't have to put others down for your insecurities.) should get to know me and NOT LISTEN to what someone said about me and believe it as absolute truth. You might actrually like me.
-I love romance movies and horror films or action or suspenseful movies.
-I have learn that men will do what you demand of them. Demand respect you will either get it or they will leave you. Either way your better off.
-I text 24/7
-I love talking on the phone.
-I listen to all types of music.
-Tell someone who actrually cares for your "I have no life so I have to talk s**t or say something because I think I matter" comments.
-I can't believe your still reading this.
-I can be the biggest b***h known to man.
-Pepsi is the greatest soda ever.
-I tend to get annoyed easily.
-Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Castlesvania Series, Tales Of Series, & Super Smash Bros. are amazing.
-Mcdonalds is also amazing.
-I can't wait to play Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep. razz


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Black Mage Zeref 911 Report | 02/29/2016 7:50 am
yes gaia is still apparently a thing 3nodding
Musical Note Report | 02/21/2014 2:29 pm
cute avi! Happy Friday biggrin
Zeiu Report | 02/19/2014 2:03 am
Oh i see. I understand. I worked at a Cafe in NYC so it got super busy.
When your coworkers are incorporative or just simply dumb it makes the job a lot more stressful than it should it.

don't let it get you down.
Zeiu Report | 02/19/2014 1:49 am
Aww I hate annoying coworkers. Well, Only if they are bitchy or think they are better than anyone. -.-

Do you work in a big city?
Zeiu Report | 02/19/2014 1:40 am
>///<' omg dont compliment me
let me do the complimenting. wink

How goes the Kawaii life?
Zeiu Report | 02/19/2014 1:34 am
I'm really liking your face.
Sir Gjom Report | 02/19/2014 12:40 am
Sir Gjom Report | 02/19/2014 12:36 am
No shame in more than one way to talk. 3nodding
Wanna add me on Kik?
Sir Gjom Report | 02/19/2014 12:28 am
Um. You're cute.
And I want your attention. redface
heart Just saying.
sleepyyawnz Report | 02/08/2014 2:54 pm


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