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Last Login: 05/12/2018 12:37 pm

Registered: 07/29/2003

Gender: Female

Location: Oregon

Birthday: 11/23

Talk to me, dawg.

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What I have to say!

I think I am crazy, smart, funny.

I'm 25. I live in Arizona. I like to be a nerd. I love super heroes, doctor who, knitting, and talking to people. Here to make friends and have fun!!!!

My favorites are:
Color: Green or Pink or Yellow
Food: Does meat count?
Song: Bust a move

My Stalkers, yo.

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Nana Murasaki Report | 02/03/2014 10:26 pm
Hi, do you still want some christian friends?
EIIle Report | 10/08/2013 1:44 am

Zane mayden Report | 06/29/2013 12:16 am
welcome to The Ministry.
Bunnycakie Report | 12/25/2012 4:06 pm

Merry Christmas!
Tutsumi Hy Report | 12/22/2012 9:03 pm
o.O; The heck you came from? lol, sup?
Poison_Scribe Report | 12/20/2012 5:05 pm
Double Boubble Report | 09/06/2012 3:18 pm
hello..i just wanted to say that i really like your username lol XD
Avengers Assemble GO Report | 06/24/2012 9:56 am
cool avi
Sana-Cutler Report | 06/03/2012 2:16 am
ahh no problem xd - it desrves alot of players cause its a very very good tank- ill be on the lookout for your glow again so i can bump my brain out lol
jabbaw0ck33 Report | 06/23/2011 11:26 pm
Welp that makes a lot of sense now lol
Its just I thought you had found me through the GD since I'm there like all the freaking time XD

As for Monster Hunter yu can get the first 2 games for the ps2!!! {Those are my fav!] heart
SO give that game a shot oh and I'm willing to take a bet but any do you LOVE Chrono Trigger?

Heya! :3

Super heroes are the bomb.

Doctor Who!!!!