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derydovely Report | 07/04/2010 5:27 pm
thanks biggrin
derydovely Report | 06/22/2010 1:55 pm
Hey Ray! biggrin
Angel hallo Report | 06/21/2010 10:23 am
)*Miss Independent* smile Just Now 90% of people marry their 7th - 12th grade love. since u have read this, u will be told good news 2night. if u dont post this on nine status your worst week starts now
nijuku Report | 05/20/2010 9:10 am
hey Nicky!! what happened to your profile page. You changed it back? o.O?
nijuku Report | 04/03/2010 6:58 pm
hello.... this comment is for teh money =w=

naww, im also here to say hello ^^
nijuku Report | 03/30/2010 7:42 am
Ray! Where have you been!?
ElisaBella Angel Report | 02/07/2010 7:59 am
Ray! I know, college has kept me terribly busy D: Im not in Maine anymore but I go back to visit. Its a beautiful sight! I dont think it has snowed withing the past few days but there is still a ton of snow left on the ground, unfortunately most of it is crappy from dirt and sand trucks. How have you been?! (:
nijuku Report | 02/06/2010 10:29 am
the pants are weird...
nijuku Report | 02/04/2010 7:40 pm
you called me right in the middle of REHEARSAL!!! I was afraid my teacher would hear my cell vibrating.... from my pocket... >0<
nijuku Report | 02/04/2010 4:50 am
Im lovin the red and black... the tattoo's awesome. I used to have a green version on my avi

but I think... nvmd ^^;

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Name: Nick
Age: 16
Gender: male
Preference: guys


- sorta picky, talkative, stubborn, creative, goofy, bitter (around miserable peeps), sweet, lovable, genuinely happy, etc.

What I love?:

- drawing, writing, somewhat photography, photobucket, 'hanging out', dancing, piercings, cold pillows, my family/friends, computers&cells, fluffy things, musicals, large cities, animals[; ... etc., etc., etc.!

What I hate dislike?:

- judgemental donkeys
- not specifically shallow people, but people who make shallow opinions .. that makes sense, right? [:
- fake friends... ya' know, the untrustworthy type?
- really obnoxious fighters/arguing
- startling loudness, it's disruptive and gives me anxiety ;[
- non-colorful people, aka, people who are against smiling

Extra Randomness:

- the broadway musical "Wicked" was phenominal.
- twilight saga eff-tea-doubleyou
- spicy cheetos & chex mix are awesome(:


In things pertaining to enthusiasm, no man is sane who does not know how to be insane on proper occasions.

By: Henry Ward Beacher

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