Me and my Cosplay character Roze/Angel

The simplest way I describe myself to people so they get a good idea of who I am is that I’m Philanthropist, Mentor, Youtuber, Gamer Cosplayer, Horror fanatic, Markiplite, and Mythical beast.

​But I suppose I should be a bit more in-depth on what those things mean to me...

Writing is how I began helping people before I got the courage to pick up a camera inspiring people is one of the most awesome feelings in the world, being able to inspire and help someone you only know through the web, it’s a feeling I get a lot and it will never go unappreciated. To date I have over 200 poems, some written when I was going through fits of strong depression, some covering my gender dysphoria, some about losing friends to suicide, and just in general. Sharing these poems with people going through similar feelings helped them see that they aren’t alone. I still prefer to write when I’m helping people because it gives me more time to plan my words and give them something personal to look back on when it’s needed.

I have three YouTube channels, Rayven’s World is my personal youtube for vlogs, cosplay, and anime adventures, and my series “trying new things” where my friends and I eat food from all over the world ( if you want to see someone suffer through gross things like durian treats or if you are interested in learning about different foods from around the world then check us out), The Angels Speak Project where we post videos made by angels who want to inspire others and have their voices heard, we cover topics like bullying, depression, suicide awareness, and more (this is the same reason we have our weekly podcast by the same name) and the third channel is "The Nightfall System" and is meant educate people on my Dissociative identity disorder.

I also run a suicide awareness page and mentor for an LGBT group on Facebook and that’s where I’ve given most of my help. This was the first place I ever posted videos and it’s the reason I grew from being really socially awkward to having the courage to get my voice out there and help others. I posted videos for them three days a week and helped bring positivity and teach them coping skills. I’ve taken some of those videos covering self-harm and bullying and plan on posting them to the Angels Speak Channel since they helped so many people. None of my videos have ever been scripted, that’s why they are so random and from the heart and I think that’s why they are so helpful to people because they can see I’m just an awkward girl with a kind heart, who wants to help the world.

I have been attending conventions since January 2012 and cosplaying since January 2014.  If you want to see who I have cosplayed as, what conventions I've attended in the past, and a huge list of future cosplays (including pretty much all the girls from corpse party, Yellow Sorceress from Gauntlet Dark Legacy, and Kindred from League) then you can check out my Rayven's World Facebook page under the notes tab. 

 Even though I attend a lot of conventions you'd think I watch more anime than I do, Bit I haven’t seen a lot of animes  ( I always start ones that my friends recommend but never finish them)but so far my favorite animes/games are Inuyasha and corpse party….(one day I’d like to play the entire corpse party series for you guys, maybe even in cosplay)

I love horror movies, games, and creepypastas even though I don't think I will ever do a play-through of anything too scary because then you would see how much of a baby I am lolz.

I'm a huge gamer. My favorite games are League Of Legends,( I love the lore and my favorite characters are Morgana and Kindred. My engagement ring reads "never one with'" and my fiancee Daxsons reads "out the other" because kindred says "Never one...Without the other") , Gauntlet Dark Legacy, Star Fox Adventures, The Bioshock series, Rune Factory, and Harvest Moon.

My favorite you tubers are Markiplier and Rhett and Link.
Markiplier is the one who inspired me to continue pursuing my dream of using gaming and vlogging as a means to help the world become a better place. He’s the reason I created Angels of Cosplay as a means to do what I love and use it to change the world, whether that’s by making videos, cosplaying, or playing video games with you guys. I enjoy what I do and I love meeting new people and changing their lives and the world we live in. I'm also host Good Mythicon for my city every year.

I run two businesses. The first is called Kawaii Designs where my mother and i craft jewelry for every fandom/interest and that’s another way I give back to the world by donating to charities and raising awareness for things that matter to you. The other is called Nightfall Artz and features art pieces made by members of my system.