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Location: Kur'yaa, Aenlach

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Hello! I'm Yume Liynn Gien'vel. I'm a Dog Illuk from Saint Saldeen, Vespher, though right now I'm living Kur'yaa, in Aenlach.

I'm married to the absolutely wonderful Cralis Gien'vel. We have two children, a thirteen year old girl named Nalena and our newborn son named Aleros. heart We also live with my sister-in-law, Sirah and Cralis's adopted brother, Mogrii.

I don't really get on Gaia much, but if theres anything you wanna ask me, PM me, alright?~

heart Beldrist Vara heart


♥ Cralis Gien'vel ♥



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Beldrist Vara Report | 04/02/2009 6:52 pm
Beldrist Vara
Ah... hmhm. ...Hm...;
Beldrist Vara Report | 03/28/2009 11:10 pm
Beldrist Vara
U-um... ...~ ...N...nothing?~ ...Hm...
Beldrist Vara Report | 03/28/2009 4:06 pm
Beldrist Vara
Happy birthday.~ heart
Kinky_Demon69 Report | 03/01/2009 10:27 pm
Hey there, Kid. User Image
Beldrist Vara Report | 01/03/2009 9:26 am
Beldrist Vara
...~ User Image
iiTrust Report | 01/02/2009 2:40 pm
Thank you from buying from my store!

Cherry Coated Luck Report | 12/06/2008 10:10 pm
Cherry Coated Luck
Naybel really did most of the convincing. Said it wasn't fair that we didn't get to talk to you more! The palace is the only place in the City to have it though, wouldn't want the deceased to start talking to the living, now would we?
KinglyKat29 Report | 12/04/2008 4:25 pm
1337_mogzilla Report | 11/07/2008 7:58 pm
lol hey babe how r u??? User Image
Kitten Bells Report | 10/18/2008 3:08 pm
Kitten Bells
But.. but... *whines* I don't like iiit..
Beldrist Vara