Binch, I lived.

My name is Brittany.
I'm a freelance artist, game designer, jewelry hobbyist, and cat mom.
I'm engaged to this lovely lady, of whom I've been with for 6 beautiful years.

So. Real talk? It's basically been forever since I've been spotted, right?
At least on Gaia On-Line, anyways.

Well. About that.

The last time I was here, I wound up abandoning this place (as well as a few other outlets such as my deviantArt) because of an extremely traumatizing fallout with a former friend who had suggested I get raped, that everyone would be better off if I gave in to my suicidal ideations and just kill myself, how no one could ever love a huge ******** dyke like me anyways, and that I was beyond help/repair. All being said, of course, because it had jokingly been asked about whether or not they had ever had sex... the thing being that no answer was actually expected and that no one in our circle of friends actually ******** cared about what the damn answer would even be because by that point most of us had already had some kind of sexual contact at some point or another and/or just did not care if someone had. And yet, all the same, this former friend flipped their ******** s**t in response and went all out with their aggression to wish loneliness, rape, and even death on me as a result.

The kicker here? This all happened at the ripe age of us being 17. A period in my life right when literally every-god-damn-thing else in my life was collapsing around me as my mother became permanently disabled and nearly died in the process, I'd lost various family members within a 6 month period, I'd lost my boyfriend of two years, and I became steadily more and more isolated from my friends and loved ones due to debilitating depression to follow it all because I was ******** and couldn't handle any of that, especially not all at once. And especially not when part of all of that was having had my sexual trauma thrown in my face and being told that I deserved what happened to me as a child, and that it should happen again now that I'm older, and that I was an untouchable dyke that no one would ever love, how being raped was my best bet of ever getting lucky or being happy, and that'd I'd be lucky if anyone would even want to rape me, that I'd be better off dead... etc. Y'know. All because of a fairly stupid and easily dismissed question that did not, in any way shape or form, warrant such a god damn violent, bigoted, and outright sociopathic response from said friend or really from anyone for that matter. And they never even cared that we apologized during all of that mess for daring to even ask such an admittedly rude and invasive question. No, they chose to instead carry on with their violence as if it was justified and proportionate to what we had done.

But teenagers will be teenagers, right? At least, that's probably what they tell themselves now in order to sleep at night and not feel haunted by the things they said and did to me and my fiancee and various other queer people and abuse survivors I'm sure, despite growing up to learn that they were queer themselves and yet never put forward any efforts to apologize to any of us even years down the line. Because, y'know, telling someone to go get raped and to go kill themselves and that they're an unlovable dyke is totally okay to do in response to being asked if you've had sex... and it's even acceptable if you say it when you're "just kids". It'll totally just blow over with zero consequences and lasting effects to anybody involved. Because, y'know! The words and actions you perform in your youth clearly exist in some nebulous void and vacuum and never ever actually carry weight in the lives of people who experience them! Teens will juuust be teens! Anything they say and do is just harmless high school fun that will all be looked back on one day and be laughed about with no therapy involved at all!! uwu


Sooo. Yeah. Naturally, the associations I personally have with this site are not exactly the best... and I had aggressively avoided it for about 10 years now as a result. But in the end it didn't really matter if I was here or not, because they wound up becoming very famous within various fandom circles over these past 10 years, and thus have been almost entirely unavoidable despite my efforts to, well, ******** avoid them! No matter where I've gone or what I've done, they have always been right around the corner. Be it Gaia, deviantArt, furaffinity, Tumblr, Twitter, you name it they are there and it has been a ******** nightmare because of it. Worse in that it has made it hard to enjoy pretty much anything due to their fandom prestige across the board for most things I've naturally gravitated to in interest.

So. ******** it. Here I am, I guess. Back to be a ******** dumbass like always.
Just less angry, whiny, and emo than I was as a teenager. But a hell of a lot more furry, gay, and confident probably.