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How'd you get a zombie-fied avatar?

it was a Halloween event from 2005, sorry you can't get it.
if you ask me, i will delete your pm.

I love to talk to people, so send a pm, comment or whatever.

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borderline Personality

borderline Personality
Things that make me go tick~
Hot Guys~
My boots~
Ice cold water after working out~

Some minor Things You Might Wanna Know

I have a job. It sucks. It makes it so I can’t play around with my friends, but they work too, or baby-sit, or have school things to go to, so it eats up my spare time too. old men hit on me. it's disgusting.

I don’t really care for YOUR opinion. I’m ME, you’re YOU.

I don’t care about your sexual preference, I’ll love ya no matter what^-^ I have gay/bi/les friends, and don’t think different of them because they like someone! I think of them based on their persona!

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stuff i like
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I'd like to get my hands on SDPlus #165 The Sentinel
Help please <3

accomplished 4/15/14 thanks to onewfortheworld. such a kind person ^^

Thank you [_Legato_] for Creeping Vine 7/19/17


The weekly song is....


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jinn in a bottle Report | 09/08/2023 11:10 am
sad sick? was it covid?
jinn in a bottle Report | 08/16/2023 3:51 pm
Congrats on getting a job!
Volkov Seraphim Report | 06/08/2023 4:48 am
Volkov Seraphim Report | 06/03/2023 2:19 pm
maybe later
Volkov Seraphim Report | 06/02/2023 1:27 pm
And I you
Gwyndolins Snake Report | 05/30/2023 2:29 pm
Curisco Report | 05/30/2023 12:23 pm
gaia_pawstamp wink
arcanism Report | 05/29/2023 4:55 pm
love your profile, it sends me wayy back rofl
Miss_Tigare_Elvi Report | 05/27/2023 8:23 am
gaia_angelleft i am well thank you gaia_nitemareright emotion_hug emotion_hug emotion_hug
Miss_Tigare_Elvi Report | 05/27/2023 8:20 am
gaia_angelleft emotion_rainbow emotion_bigheart emotion_rainbow gaia_nitemareright
Half Muggle Prince
Volkov Seraphim

My friend, Tensi, such a great artist, drew the background in MS paint :3

I drew this~
Yes, I KNOW It is sideways...

My beloved

totally rad friend

Another bff!