!!!Ello :3 Welome to my home page !!!

Status: in a relationship
Here for: Friends
Orientation: Bi
Body Type: slim/ slender
Heroes: Yoshie
Name: Puffbug
age: 18 & a Cancer
Books: Crank,Burned,Impules, Glass, identical, tricks
Loves: Drawing, reading
fav shows: invader zim, supernatural

I <3 Nintendo.
it is the best thing out their.
Sword and The Stone. is one of my favrite movies

For people who don't no me I'm very quiet at first and always end up saying the stupidest things when i do talk >.>. I hardly ever do anything to keep up a conversation ( i suck at it )

their is always something new going on with my profile never have the brain to write it all out at once i do it in bits at a time razz . I lison to Many tipe's of music but they are what most people would say very difforent.

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