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G-girl-2-bold Report | 11/23/2012 5:57 pm
how much do you do art for?
Xx Toxic Rocker xX Report | 11/23/2012 12:10 am
Xx Toxic Rocker xX
Hello! biggrin I looked through your deviant art and I just love your art work! I was wondering if you could draw me a commission?! heart
Im looking for a couples art. biggrin I have 100k to 200k to spend on it biggrin
Hope to hear from you soon to discuss things a bit.
mythological irony Report | 10/18/2012 10:41 am
mythological irony
Oh, yes. I loved it!
And I hear you about college. It's kept me away from Gaia for a while. 3nodding
Gore Magala Report | 09/04/2012 11:43 am
Gore Magala
I actually own two copies of the first Boktai so I could get all the emblems. >x>;
And there's nothin' wrong with being picky about games, especially now that people care less about content and more about visuals.
My mom played Pong/Intellivision/Atari games while she was pregnant with me, so I was born into the world of "Gameplay is all you get".
In fact, my first memory is when I was about 4 or so and I bought Megaman 2 for the NES with my own money. It was *MY* first game. =w=
Gore Magala Report | 09/02/2012 6:17 pm
Gore Magala
Holy crap.
*ANOTHER* Boktai fan? So rare.
And you clearly have good taste in other games too.
What is this black magic?
ammerzog Report | 05/17/2012 3:18 pm
thanks for buying emotion_c8
it look really cute on your avi
Moonbeam Brigade Report | 05/06/2012 1:15 pm
Moonbeam Brigade
I was going to reply, but then I saw how cute your avatar is and died. That is all.
Kabuchimaru Report | 04/09/2012 1:35 pm

[Sorry that the images are so big...Tried resizing them and they still turned out huge ; 3 ; Click on the images to go to the entry]

User Image

User Image

User Image
vincentchaos666 Report | 03/04/2012 10:54 pm
Thanks! I added the other outfits to my profile if you want to check them!
The sun will rise tomorrow!!!
BobCatHKSS Report | 02/24/2012 4:55 am
I'll send you a PM with details.

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To start the introductions, I'm Princess Eiyanga SolLuna, better known as Elliyos or Elli-chan from deviantART. I'm currently a student in college, working towards a degree in computer programming. Despite my love for technology, I'm also an artist, and love working with various mediums. Crafts are fun too, and I'm looking to expand my horizons into various fields in this category.

You won't find me on the forums much, but I love roleplaying, and often engage in 1 on 1 roleplaying in PMs. If you're ever interested, feel free to message me, and we can discuss plots, among other things.

Within arts, I work mostly in the visual field, though also sing and write, both original fiction and fanficition. My most used tools are Paint Tool SAI, copic markers and liners, Prismacolor pencils, and sharpies. Writing is done mainly in Microsoft Word, though I do have several notebooks I have been slowly filling over the years. Singing... is still being done on my own, though I hope to post some of my covers, once the recording and editing is finished. The majority of my work can be found on either deviantART, or the two tumblr blogs I've linked to above. Links to my youtube and accounts are also provided above, should you like a sampling of my portfolio.

On a last note, I'm also quite the gamer and anime fan. My favourite series are Boktai/Lunar Knights, Castlevania, and Zelda, though I do enjoy several others. Anime wise, I enjoy Puella Magi Madoka Magica, D.Gray-man, Vampire Knight, and Digimon. Narrowing the list is a bit hard, though if you wanted more information, you are always welcome to ask.

Feel free to message me anytime! I might be a bit busy with college, but I'll always return the messages I get. With that, I bid you good day.

Just shoot me a message if you want to talk. Random chats are nice.