Age: 28
Gender: Genderqueer
Relationship Status:Living In Sin Happily Taken
Profession: I'll have you know I happen to save the world/universe on a near daily basis.
Currently Playing
PC: Ragnarok Online / Warframe (f*ck All with this 100+ Steam game library.)
PS4: Bloodborne / Kingdom Hearts
PS3: Dragon's Crown / Ragnarok Odyssey ACE
PSVita: Senran Kagura: Shinobi Versus / Shenran Kagura: Bon Appetit!
Wii-U: Hyrule Warriors / Xenoblade Chronicles X
Wii: Pandora's Tower / Dokapon Kingdom
3DS: Monster Hunter Stories / Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate / Monster Hunter Generations
Currently Reading
Another - Yukito Ayatsuji
Currently Watching
My Hero Academia / (Rewatching over and over) Little Witch Academia / Disney movies. ALL the Disney movies.
I'm typically found online with the username/handle "Mellanje" and most people tend to call me Mel or Jelly (don't ask) for short.
I'm a self proclaimed Disney Princess with an addiction for the Tinkerbell/Disney Fairies (Fawn is my favorite) movies. I'm pretty big into Legend of Zelda (Fi is my all time favorite character/ f*ck you, I liked Skyward Sword), but wouldn't call myself a hardcore fan, at least not anymore. I play a lot of F2P games for a while, but rarely find myself making enough/any friends to stick around. I'm a big Monster Hunter nerd, if it weren't at all obvious, as well as being fairly knowledgeable about the Gundam series (With the exception of Seed, 00, and basically anything that isn't Universal Century. I deem it all garbage. Also yes, I do own G-Saviour.) I tend to have a very strong opinion of things, but I try my hardest to not push them on others. That being said, I apologize if I ever make the dick move of doing so. It tends to happen mostly when talking about the obvious no-nos of religion and politics. If you're curious, I call myself a Left-Leaning Centrist, but I'm pretty Liberal.
I don't take this site too seriously all things considered. I check in often but am usually preoccupied. Feel free to contact me on Steam or Discord. PM me for my usernames.

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