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Occupation: Debt Collector. Yeah yeah hate me if you want but you owe it...

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Check out my site!!

Been an Inuyasha fan for forever and a while back I made a site dedicated and full of info! Check it out if ya want.



Merry Meet everyone!!!

Welcome to my humble store
I hope you find what you search for
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I hope you find what you need

Blessed Be and thank you for stopping by...

P.S My Bao has been sold!! Apparently the profile of Are You Cereal is not open to the public so I'll just thank you here!! THANK YOU!!! biggrin


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If you would like to spread the knowledge of my little shoppe add the following url to your siggy or send to a friend things and much love.


A little (a lot?) about me!

Hi!! My name is Jessica and I'm 19!! My dream is to be an english teacher and an author, I am currently working on two fantasies, a non fiction, and a poetry book. I have had many bad relationships and so love to read and write poems of lost love and heart break, but also write ones of love gone right. Also, because of a poetry reading I went to that was themed with poems of sexual abuse and domestic violence, from watching these people who experienced it, I have dedicated myself to writing poetry on child sexual abuse and domestic violence in order to spread the word and try and find help for children this happens to. So as you can tell I'm strongly against child abuse. Another thing I'm strongly against is smoking, drugs, and alcohol (I am one of the only people out of my group of friends that does none of these, so don't ANYONE tell me you are who you hang with!!). If anyone would like to look at any of my poetry just clicky below.

My Poetry

I am Wiccan and I'm a bisexual (don't know who I lean more towards but am currently deeply in love with my fiance). To clear up any questions now. I'm Ecclectic... live with it deal with it breath it. No I have never had sex with a girl, and do not even think about saying I can't know if I like girls cause I've never had sex with one, that has got to possibly be one of the most annoying things in the world. Last but not least, if all you are going to pm or comment me about is how I'm going to go to hell keep it to yourself... I... don't... care...

On that note I'm adding this to go along with my addition of music to my prof (since I finally figured out how XD). Yes I like Horrorcore! I listen to all kinds of music, please do not judge me cause I like Horrorcore. If you listen to some of their music more carefully you'll see it's not bad (Rainbow's and Stuff is now my angry song ^.^!!!! So if it is set on auto play you ALL know how I'm feeling that day....). And again I listen to all kinds so the music I have up is not the only music I like. I just kinda have trouble limiting the amount of songs that would be on the rock, country, hip hop, and pop lists. I'm not going to bother with the rap one cause there isn't much I like that's rap in the first place, and I'm working on JRock ^.^. Thankie thankie!! Remember discimination is BAD!!

I enjoy anything Japanese (especially anime... and yaoi XD), I can even speak a little Japanese. I live in Kansas (please no dorthoy jokes -.-). I'm funny and really happy go lucky and easy to get along with if you can stand people who talk alot. I have a terrible memory so am very forgetful so if you tell me something and I don't remember it's not that I wasn't listening I just truely don't remember. Remeber I have the memory of a goldfish. I am also very blunt!! So DO NOT ask anything you do not want a straight answer to ^.~ I will say it straight out with out fear. Also by blunt I mean honest, I will tell you my opinion even if I wasn't in the convo, or you don't want to hear it. I have the right to state my opinion, and so I will. However I do have a very high temper and will go from happy and nice to puttin the fear of Hades in you if you mess with my friends or family, or you insult my sexuality... if you have nothing nice to say... keep your mouth SHUT!! You don't even want to know what I will do if you insult my religion with ignorance. And although I won't generally try to kill you for saying it, I still don't like it, so don't tell me I'm going to hell. Realize in Wicca there is no hell, so it's your hell YOU BURN IN IT!

I can't stand egotistical people, if you have confidence then GREAT GOOD FOR YOU!! But if you are one of those people admires themself in the mirror saying "Dang I look good"!!! I can't stand people with closed minds! Open them up people not everyone has to be the same!! I hate people who tell me that I can't know I'm bi just cause I have never slept with a girl. You don't need to have sex with someone of the same gender to know your straight so don't tell me I have sleep with a girl to know I think she has a nice a**!!! I hate being bossed around so do not try it!

I cry with just about every emotion and my moods change rapidly (Warning: next mood swing in 10 seconds... lol XD) so if I start crying it doesn't mean you made me sad.... you could have just really pissed me off or made me frustrated. I have 2 sisters and 3 brothers, and 4 parents. I am a huge animal lover and am the proud owner of a half minx cat Peaches!!! I have had many pets and have loved each and every one and always give them a proper burial (even my fish!!). My mom runs a daycare so I'm also a huge lover of children and thus often act like one! I'll be the first to say I am a wee bit immature when I get hyper... or in general ^.^ but that's just me. I'm very free spirited. I personally think that if everyone went through the day looking through the eyes of a child that the world would be a better place cause their eyes are untainted by hate.

Update!!!! Some of you may have seen the box that was at the top of my profile for a bit but the pic didn't show up so I removed it so I shall announce again. I'M ENGAGED!!!! My boyfriend of 2 years asked me on August 1st at 1:20 am. Me and my friends were having a movie night and it started to rain so we went out to play in it and he asked me there in the rain. Romantic right? Now I want to let everyone know my wedding is going to be May 15th of this year and I will make sure to update my profile with a video of my Handfasting. It's going to be beautiful trust me smile .


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Journal of your (everyday?) girl

What ever is on my mind. Is it on yours too?

Kai Tribute (Heavenly Sword Awesome Game!)

The Howling by Within Temptation


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OddeoFreq Report | 02/20/2012 12:46 pm
Like the profile.
wish mine could be as cool.

Nice sword. do you have any others?
Inari Fangheart Report | 07/23/2011 6:47 pm
Inari Fangheart
Happy Birthday smile
Kittyhoez Report | 01/03/2011 3:48 pm
Hey, my account was hacked I am not Muslim, I am Wiccan
Kittyhoez Report | 06/21/2010 1:12 pm
Hello Pridefulwiccan. i am a Muslim girl, I am in the tradition called Sufi. Sufi Islam is esoteric Islam which means we also do forms of "magic" I was wondering about your opinion on Monotheists practicing magic. Asalamu Alaykum(Peace be Upon You)
ughmeow Report | 04/03/2010 7:05 pm
thank you for the purchase heart
Kittyhoez Report | 01/02/2010 7:14 pm
I hope you had a Blessed Yule, And if Im not on in the future have a Blessed Candlemas smile )

Blessed Be friend~
Asiril Report | 12/18/2009 8:51 pm
DId you get my pm? stare
Toki o Capulet Report | 12/14/2009 9:11 am
Toki o Capulet
I made my profile friendly again.
Toki o Capulet Report | 12/14/2009 9:10 am
Toki o Capulet
Hey Sexy Lady! :3
Asiril Report | 12/06/2009 8:12 pm
turn then back on noob. *sends another*

Current Questing Items

I am still questing my green inks for my mother nature quest T.T I am now at 283/500.

Am an also currently questing a Plumeria Headpiece for my Nature Freaks Quest (which is me trying to collect all nature based items on gaia or any items with nature poses)I am at 982/23,600 tickets. I will take tickets or tokens as donations. I am determined to not spend a cent on this all the tokens I am using are from wining from the daily chance. Please halp?

Thought of the Day

Read my latest journal for Debt Collection tips. I got irked by alot of things at work today and want to correct some things for those who are interested.

Wiccan Mix

Unable to identify Vimeo video URL.

JPop Mix

Unable to identify Vimeo video URL.

Gothic Rock Mix

Unable to identify Vimeo video URL.

Some fave HorrorCore songs (probably add more later)

Unable to identify Vimeo video URL.

Completed Quests!! Those I thank!!

This is a list of those I thank for helping me with my quests!!

My first dream avi- Ice Queen
Delaney Mage!!! who donated my Spirit Falcon and Frostbite
Grim Peppermint!!! who donated my Snow Witch

User Image

Questing Questing Questing

Avi Related Quests

Alright all here is my latest quest!!! Mother Nature!!!! (started Friday, January 9th, 2009)

Description: She had taken care of the world for centuries, nature working along side man, but to her dismay this tranquility could not last. Slowly the world was introduced to the poison gases of pollution. Forests were cut down at a rapid rate. The earth was being destroyed. And so rather then watch that that she loved be destroyed she decided to be destroyed with it. Slowly over years of time she became one with the earth. Her skin became covered in moss, vines crawled up her body, and the earth made a home in her hair. So now she stays a living statue, a symbol of what earth once was

Here is the avi and the list of things

Green Solar Flare Belly Tattoo- Got it
Gorgeous Green Criss Cross Swim Top- Got it
Gorgeous Green Criss Cross Swim Bottom-Got it
Luck o' The Gairish- Got it
Green Body Dye- 500 Green ink and 20,000g or current market price 60,000g
Dandiidodad Spore- Got it
Elemental Hair- market 73,200g
Spring Nymph-market 33,000g

User Image

If anyone can lend a hand it is greatly appreciated!!!

Such as help with my inks? smile smile

I have 283/500 inks. Gimme green inks, grasshoppers, or green dragonflys!! Thank you!

Non-Avi Related Quests

Questing to make a HorrorCore Guild (started... uh... messa no remember >.<).

Why? I was looking and a lot of the guilds that involve HorrorCore it is just the specific bands it wasn't just a guild for all the different bands. So that is why. Please help if you can!!!

Justa Note

If you want to donate to any of my quests and you are donating money. Please specify if it is for a quest I might be doing for a guild or if it is to help my avi if you want it to go to a specific thing. Thankies Bunches!!!

Possibly Longest Quest Ever!!!!

This Quest is on hold!! I am currently working on my Mother Nature quest! If you want to help with any of my quests please help me with those! Plus I'm working on editing these ^.^

Alrighty everyone this will probably be the longest quest of which I could invent!!! I was looking at one of the first monthly items I ever bought and it was Elemental Wings. I tried to make an outfit with each set of wings. When I couldn't I decided that along with my Mother Earth Quest I'm going to try and make an avi to go with every set of wings for Elemental Wings. I went ahead and took off all of the items I already had rather then put Got It! like I usually do. Here they are!!!

June 4th, 2009: Update! I have deleted all the dream avi's I made for this quest. I am remaking them to make them better. Will update again soon.

I will shank you O.O!!!

It is almost Samhain!!! Horray :)