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    Boring,but fun
    Exciting,but dull
    Nice,but evil
    Mean,but caring
    Etc,etc I'm a mess of contradictions ;D
    I AM AN AUDICT! (Audition Addict)
    Add me on Audition. MY IGN is: Pizzicato

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    Things I Love:

    This color (:


    heart Kimmy(KimTheNightmare) heart

    heart Vivi(Purple everything) heart

    heart Ash/Christine(ash_leaf11) heart

    heart Melmel(XxYukixChanxX) heart



    Adding more later ;o

    Note:Names of people I put in ' Things I Love: ' are people I know in real life.Click on the hearts to go to their profile. (;

    Things I hate:

    Chucky...Watched the movie when I was 3 or so,scarred for life.Forever scared of talking dolls. ;~;

    Conceited people o3o I like narcissists,but not conceited people ;o

    Backstabbers. >;o

    Liars. ;<

    Racist people D;

    Physical activity .___.

    Adding more later ;o

    This is the chocolate cosmos.Its color is a chocolate brown,but thats not why its different from other flowers.Its smell makes it unique and very special.It smells like chocolate,my favorite sweet treat. ;P

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