christmas is just around the corner!



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Okay, last time I checked my name was Joanna. I hope I'm right, or else my life will have been a lie!
I've rocked the world since the day of my birth, which happens to be May 3rd.
I make mistakes, and regret them...but that's life!
I talk a lot..but not as much as some.
I love candy, pie, monkeys, and CHRISTMAS.
Nerd glasses make me very happy!
Stuffed animals are hard to get rid of in my opinion(I stil have about 8!)
Clowns scare me and I hate watching the movie IT and Saw.(But I watch them anyway)
Summer can be too hot, Winter is too cold, which is why i love Spring.
My Besties happen to be Caitlyn, Dena, Harmony, Alex, Cheyanne, Sam, and Anali.
I love them sooo much(as a sister or a friend lol)
Message me if u want.
If not then....leave mehh alone!

Kadence the Bat Girl(:

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I Adopted a Bat Girl!
Name: Alice
Loves: Cookies, Music, Dancing, Drawing, Pie, Monkeys, Spring
No Loves: Clowns, Darkness, Closets
Owner: Joanna!
You wanna Adopt one???
Adpot One!

II Izzy Chan II
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