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XxWidaXx Report | 12/02/2014 9:25 am
hey there! who's your bias in bap 2pm and jj (..or got7 now) ? whee
Shinobu-nena Report | 10/07/2013 10:22 am
Awww....you'll be missed then.
Panda Oppa Report | 04/07/2013 2:09 am
Shinobu-nena Report | 03/14/2013 5:26 am
Senpai, where did u go?
Reality_Madness Report | 02/22/2013 9:48 am
Wow!!! That is awesome! I did not know you could do that! That is cool!
WonderfulPanda Report | 02/21/2013 2:18 pm
Dude, nice profile! :]
Awh~ B.A.P's "One Shot" emotion_bigheart
Reality_Madness Report | 02/19/2013 5:15 pm
Wow! It is awesome! In my opinion, it is impressive, because you searched for every detail.
Reality_Madness Report | 02/19/2013 1:10 pm

Oh,okay. Well, I have done that before. Where I live, a lot of people tend to be in a rush, especially when it is near a busy intersection or at school or in other places. One time. my family and I went on errands and there was a big crowd of people at the store, and there was no way to get through, so I passed through everyone, while excusing myself. Later, it turned out that there was another way that I could have gone and my family laughed at me, for taking the long way. Also, I tend to read a lot, even when I am waking to class or on the street. There have been a couple of times, when I have crashed into poles, and there was one time that I apologized, but then I realized that I crashed into a pole. However, it turns out that I was not the only one, but my siblings have told that they were close to doing it, too. Wow!! That is cool! lol Oh, I see. I did not know that you could use profile codes to customize your profile. I have seen some of my classmates, a couple of years, work on profiles and they had all kinds of things. I am not very good with computers, so I did not know that it was profile codes, until I saw them play around with them. Also, I have not tried them before, so I get confused, looking at them. It must have taken you a very long time. It is awesome. YAY!! I am not the only one!!

BlessedChristian Report | 02/18/2013 12:40 pm
Hi! ^^
Reality_Madness Report | 02/15/2013 9:04 pm

I am sorry. My family calls it a habit, but I really just do not want to offend anyone. Thanks. A lot of people do not like, when I write a lot, but I guess it is my nature. Yes, that is what I liked about the bands. They seem to work a lot and not have any breaks. At least, that is what I observed, and what I have heard from Simon and Martina from the EatYourKimchi website. Thank you. I found the profile background, when I was playing around with the profile. At that time, I found out about the Matrix and I really liked it. Also, it reminded me of my siblings, since they love the color green. I do, as well, but I like all of the colors. However, your profile is way cooler, in my opinion.

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    PERSONAL LIFE: My name is Phoenix aka B-boy Fly. I am a hottest joyous baby. I like music and break dancing. My favorite color is green. I'm a game freak.
    GAIAONLINE LIFE: Phoenix Lyte is my username. I like helping gaian citizens. I hope to serve them well as an official Drill Sergeant patrolling areas under the BTPD. I play zOMG, Monster Galaxy, and Aquarium Booty Grab.
    Private Message or Comment me if you would like to get to know me more or if you just feel like it. Feel free to add me.

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