Should I sign up for a promotional position for BTPD? I was recommended to the position two times even though I am so new. Should I go for it? Maybe I should, but then I might seem naive. I wouldn't want to look like a fool because I am not as experienced as the others. I will think about it. But we will see what happens. I mean, I actually do have a lot of time in my hands, that's why I'm always patrolling at every time I can. And most of the time that I use up is mostly for playing games when I'm not on Gaia. Maybe I should consider the position because I have so much free time? Hmm? I really need to think this over. sweatdrop

Oh yeah, that's right! I wanna work for a promotional position in the HKSS too, cause I'm just an ordinary bodyguard who is not assigned to a specific squad. I don't want Shinobu to think that I'm not very active as to protect her because of any bad reasons, it's just that I haven't been assigned to a group yet.