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Full Name: Philoaxa Lex Tippeni.
Nicknames: Philo, Tippy.
Age: Appears early to mid-twenties.
Gender: Female.
Race: Human, possibly from the Otami civilization.
Birthday: Late fall.
Birthplace: What is now Isle de Gambino.
Theme Song: "On Your Way Back" by SoundTeMP, from Ragnarök Online.

Personality: No longer perpetually angry and antisocial, Philoaxa now is more quiet and calm. She still keeps to herself and feels awkward around even just medium-sized crowds, but is not averse to lending a hand if needed. However, she still has a short fuse and will snap at anyone or give up in frustration at the drop of a hat, even more-so if she has nothing to gain from her act of kindness. She is also quite secretive and private about her past and the mysteries surrounding her, more out of shame than anything else. Philoaxa also always seems to either keep her eyes closed, or wear extremely dark glasses/sunglasses. She says there's a reason for this, but never goes on to explain why.

Past: It's been seven years since Nidhogg was slain, and five since Memphis fell. She longs the one who fought beside her and help finally free her from her cursed life, but he was as fleeting as the memories of her distant past, of her original life. She had given up now, resigned to wondering, and never knowing, what befell him. All she could do was try and pick up where she had left off, before the war, before the cowardliness, before the Devil's deal.

Weapons: An old, chipped katana; A Staff of the Angels; Some magic her old artifacts bestow upon her, a full set of L.10 Rings.

Alignment: Chaotic neutral. Can sometimes rarely slip to chaotic evil.

References: {x}{x}{x}{x}{x} (OLD images. She now lacks her horns and wings, and wears her hair down.)


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