I walk away from here,
Pondering which way to go.
The sun is setting early,
Painting the clouds with its glow as it disappears.

The children next to me are singing
The same song for the third time.
Unable to remember the words to end it,
They repeat the last verse over and over.

Your eyes whispered,
"We don't need beginnings or endings."
What kind of memories do I have to search for
That will reach deep into my heart?

The days that you said were too long
Seemed like a dream that lasted just one night.
I can't believe that it is coming to an end,
It is too early to wake up.

Don't make the 1,000 nights disappear.
I can't leave here just yet.

I'm merely a silent Sheherezade
Who can't move anyone's heart.
No matter how many nights pass,
I can't talk about even one love.
I couldn't even get used to warmth.
Where did the bedtime story disappear to?
I wanted to at least remember your gentle words.

Don't make the 1,000 nights disappear.
I stand up to walk a lonely path.

I wanted to at least remember your gentle words,
Remember the 1,000 nights that disappeared
In a single night...


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Panic Cat

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Panic Cat

Hey boy, you're cute... User Image

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I smooched you
Jase Sparrow

Report | 11/04/2007 12:00 am

Jase Sparrow

You need a comment, love. So now you have one.


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