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Here I shall keep track of some threads I really need to hold on to:

Noctua Territories

SoA RP Journal
Blue's RP Journal

Aaaand about me, for reals:
I love writing and roleplaying. I also love reading and literary analysis. English is my second language but I've studied it A LOT. I can speak japanese haltingly and newbishly, but my japanese friends tell me it is super fluent (for a foreigner). Given enough time and a good Jisho, I can even do an okay translation job of a text.

I am a nerd of epic proportions. I love sparkly things, pastels and rainbows. My guilty pleasure is yaoi and otome games. I can sort of draw, but I don't do it very often. I sing whenever i feel happy, angry or sad. I talk to myself. I talk to my cats, they're Cornish Rexes, by the way. I talk a lot about my cats, sometimes so I don't have to talk about my boyfriend. I really love him, but he's chronically depressed, possibly bipolar, and sometimes not so much fun to be around, and I don't want to be judged for sticking with him even when he's a major pain. I work on the trains, taking care of the security, announcements and closing of doors. I don't know the word for that in english. I really love my job.

My favorite manga is still Berserk, though there are a lot that share second place. My favorite tea is strawberry but I will drink ALL THE TEA. My least favorite tea is Lipton Yellow Label, but yeah, I will drink that, too. My favorite place to travel to is Japan, I've been there three times already. My favorite season is late May-early June, but all seasons have their charm. My least favorite month is November. You try living in Sweden in November, you'll see what I'm talking about. Incidentally, November is a good month to go to Japan.


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All thoughts big and small

I don't know how often I will be posting here, but there will surely be a note or two. I have restless fingers to go with my restless mind.


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_Dittymokins_ Report | 06/17/2010 4:44 pm
Your avi is amazing smile
Atyria isis Report | 05/20/2008 8:53 am

Searching for Judeau on the search... I found your profile... ^^

I love Judeau too
StarDustHeart Report | 03/11/2008 5:04 am
Random Hello
Annchen Report | 02/05/2008 7:33 am
*streaks through profile*
Seyrian Report | 02/16/2007 6:31 am
Cute avi
Pearlyblue Report | 01/12/2007 3:37 pm
*some time passes, but after a while a swirl of powder-blue smoke appears and Pearlyblue's head pokes out of it*

Where did she go? *notices the unconscious lump on the floor* Oh. Le sigh.

*Pearl fully steps out of the swirl, which disappears, and kneels down next to her unconscious friend. Then she produces a stick and pokes Elari with it*

Oi. Haven't I told you not to think too hard? Are you dead now? *pokepokepoke*
Elari Report | 01/08/2007 5:30 pm
*looks towards the direction Pearl points at* Where? What!? Hue?!
*turns back just to see that her friend is no longer there, like she had been turned inviseble by some unnatural force* Oh no, they took her again!
*a moments pause and some profound brainthinking later*..Wait a minute here... She tricked me! Oh that sceaming, eviiil water-head! Just wait until I catch her..
*is just about to start her crusade against the eviil water-head when she is hit by a sudden insperation and falls unconscious to the floor*
Pearlyblue Report | 01/08/2007 10:54 am
Well, maybe when you're done with that, then...

Eh? Hide and seek? How? We're just talking through these comment boxes and... OH MY GOD! WHAT IS THAT?! *points behind Elari and then disappears in a small cloud of powder-blue smoke when she turns away*
Elari Report | 01/07/2007 6:44 am
Hehe that really does sound like fun, I would love for you to make me my avatar... But hm..*ponders* Only problem is that I do have alot of things to do, promised myself that I would finish sis gift and now when dad´s scrapbook is alomost done.. I might finally get some time to do it.
So I guess we are back to the problem with being bored hue? *sits down looking thoughtfull*
Oh I know! *bounces back to her feet* What about a game of hide and seek?
Pearlyblue Report | 01/06/2007 3:56 pm
Hmmmm... yeah, sure. *sends the Freckled One back to the Harem Room*
So what are we going to do, then? Oh, I know! I'll draw avi art for you if you do the same for me. I've been a bit creative lately - unfortunately mainly with the drawing - so if you want to exploit me, now's the chance.

Unless you are all drawn out... haa haa haa, I kill me... I mean of course "Sick of drawing". Or busy, or whatever.