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    "Hardstyle has an addictive power to it, and it doesn't matter if you're male, female, black, white or purple, power is a frightening and attractive thing. Hardstyle has a way of getting under my skin and reorganizing everything for the better. With Hardstyle, there is nothing wrong. With Hardstyle, I can forget. And that is a beautiful gift."

    Welcome to profile 54545. My name is Dustin.
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    My gloriously bearded face.

    I play video games. Currently playing WoW WotLK Classic. It's eating my life all over again.

    I also play Magic the Gathering. 5C Humans in Modern Format. D&D is fantastic too. I am (was?) one of the DMs for my weekly group. We haven't played regularly in a bit. Talk Nerdy to me.

    I'm 5'9" tall. I am an Administrator and Accountant by profession.

    If you haven't already guessed it, I love Hardstyle music! I used to produce. I haven't in many years, now. I am also currently working on a Grimdark Fantasy Novel. Expect it never, because I don't suspect it will be good enough to publish..

    My brain works strange. Deal with it.


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Yokies Report | 08/08/2023 10:29 am
Yeah that's what I mean haha. It was free so we didn't say anything.
Yokies Report | 08/07/2023 8:08 pm
Oh god old oil makes food taste so funky. We got some food from Zaxby's that was clearly made in oil that needed a switch, and only didn't complain because it was free with a gift card we got lol
Yokies Report | 08/07/2023 7:55 pm
They were so crispy. The fries got a little soggy tho on the way back home.
Yokies Report | 08/07/2023 6:39 pm
If that means McDonald’s then yes xd
Yokies Report | 08/07/2023 6:01 pm
I did, then got chicken nuggets haha
Yokies Report | 08/07/2023 2:16 pm
I'm doing alright! I think I'm gonna nap lol
Yokies Report | 08/07/2023 11:33 am
Ahh that's great. That'll save a good amount on gas and the headache of driving to work.
Yokies Report | 08/07/2023 11:01 am
Ahh I see. Well I hope it's a good experience for you!
Does it pay well?
Yokies Report | 08/06/2023 6:45 pm
Ooh that sounds exciting πŸ‘€ is this contract gonna last a while?
Yokies Report | 08/06/2023 3:59 pm
What have you been up to? heart


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