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portraitofaudacity Report | 07/17/2018 4:20 pm
Ochi, my brochi. Some of the old THC crew has congregated at a new guild. Hit me up for an invite, broham.
Pseudoyoyomi Report | 08/01/2013 10:29 pm
lol thanks I could use one of these...been a long day of gaming. XP
Pseudoyoyomi Report | 06/20/2013 1:28 pm
Honestly...I am ok. Guilds and threads not so much. I kinda only get on here when I know about events and new items. I am supposed to be the vice captain of this gaming guild but I have not checked it in a very long time and I just don't feel like doing it anymore because everyone who is supposed to be staff do nothing. I did everything possible to keep it going really. I set up contests and gave out awesome prizes which came from my own gaia wallet not the guilds mule account or anything. But still it did nothing to keep people active. It's disheartening and I hate trying my hardest when the captain of the guild did not try at all. stressed Still it's good to see other olbies finding interest in this again. lol
GenevieveGautier Report | 06/18/2013 11:30 pm
How did I ever even find this site? You, Ochi, and so many others have a special place in my mind...Gaia, it reallly isn't "present". I just like it for the past. n_n
Pseudoyoyomi Report | 06/04/2013 5:52 pm
OMG OCHIIIII!! Hi Ochi. How you doing? emotion_hug
KazeRin Report | 05/27/2013 11:09 am
heart heart heart
GenevieveGautier Report | 09/02/2011 10:00 pm
Mr. has been a while. Why are you not on my friends list!? Hmmf! At any rate, hello there old friend!
Aoi the Crossdresser Report | 08/25/2011 5:59 pm
I haven't seen you or talked to you since like 2005 at least. O.O Very very very old old old good times in the HSG in stuff like before my guild. If you want you can come to my guild if you has life now I think and your friend Kazerin and Genevieve are there to. biggrin As well as me who some people consider a one of a kind weird guy. biggrin The link is in my sig if you feel interested.
KazeRin Report | 07/30/2011 11:34 pm
I guess I'm too honest xp ya anyways? And remember you and think of you ;~;
*so much nostalgia for HSG / THC*
KazeRin Report | 07/16/2011 1:20 am
Sorry, stuck in cruise control there for my super honest statement there.

heart I've seriously been missing the ol' gang lately.

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