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K Byron Report | 12/16/2016 7:48 am
K Byron
emotion_hug emotion_bigheart kissu~
K Byron Report | 12/15/2016 9:57 pm
K Byron
why you say that?
K Byron Report | 11/12/2016 11:25 pm
K Byron
your avi is pretty
My Attitude Sucks Report | 03/05/2016 3:21 pm
My Attitude Sucks
I know some of them have deflated. it usually takes a while to get them though. and dedication. I dont go on as much anymore either since i started working. its my first time in months
My Attitude Sucks Report | 03/05/2016 1:49 pm
My Attitude Sucks
lol its fine. you should totally twin with me if you end up getting all the items.
My Attitude Sucks Report | 03/05/2016 12:46 pm
My Attitude Sucks
girl we just looked at each others profile lol
equipped list right?
Jinxed Tarot Card Report | 06/23/2015 6:35 pm
Jinxed Tarot Card
Happy Birthday!
zaberfang1990 Report | 06/15/2015 11:46 pm
thanks 4laugh
-EboniiSkinn- Report | 05/19/2015 9:30 am
lolmbo woooooooooooooooooooow...! I completely understand what you're going through! Last time my grandpa took precious time out of his day to teach me was three years ago, before I started college!!! But then both of my grandparents' sight got a little worse over time (in fact, they shouldn't be driving at all, but they're stubborn as heck), so I don't think Mom feels safe with me in their car as much as she used to. She suggested that Dad help me get driving practice in. (My parents divorced as an infant, but they still keep in touch, and I see him at most, every Sunday, at least, every 2 weeks.)
And, girl, at least you TOOK your permit test! I didn't even do it once yet! I don't even remember where the dealership is or what the building looks like anymore because we haven't gone in years! Lol Also, Mom keeps saying that she'll put me in driving school, but that hasn't happened yet, so... God's just working on our patience on the matter, I suppose. sweatdrop

And about the overlapping relationships thing, it usually happens when my relationship with the first guy has gone south and has mostly dissolved anyway, it just hasn't officially ended yet. Usually I don't realize how my boyfriend isn't good for me, I'm not good for him, or both, until I develop feelings for another guy and mentally try to measure the pros and cons of a new relationship with the second guy. (No sex or anything with the 2nd guy, of course! That's just shady! But I have, at most, hugged and/or kissed Guy 2, then I go, "Oh Sh&@%$, this is so wrong! I can't believe I did that! Time to break it to Guy 1..."

(In my opinion, a part of me thinks that I've done that just to have a good reason to end the relationship. Instead of just saying, "I don't like you anymore," (which sounds so juvenile), I've said, "I have feelings for someone else...I'm sorry, but I don't think we should be together anymore~"... SMH, so glad that drama was behind me. Getting caught up in feelings, and then realizing how dumb it was to wait until I looked like a sleaze. rolleyes Guess I can't say I didn't have an interesting adolescence. #teenyears

I feel SO proud to be with this guy for about 3 years now! (basically, my entire college career thus far!). I can't picture being with anyone else, and sometimes we'll even mention marriage, not like a "What if?" event, but a "When we do" type of thing. heart redface
-EboniiSkinn- Report | 05/16/2015 7:37 pm
cheese_whine rofl Why can't I receive PM notes this in-depth and fun to read?! rofl And yes, I completely know what you're talking about! I've seen the cutest, most attractive, sometimes even "pretty boy" level men (ever heard of the song by 2NE1? My favorite K-Pop group ever!) that don't seem to be good for much, other than looking at them.
Also, I never purposely dated multiple guys (my conscience would never allow it!), but I've had relationships "overlap" before. You know, that thing that happens when you have to end something with one guy because you have feelings that are too strong for another? It happened to me at least 3 times; I think of it as closing one door while simultaneously opening another. sweatdrop That's not something I'm necessarily proud of, but it's much better than continuously cheating with someone, right? confused I don't know how some girls do it...

And, girl, I don't even know what I want to do! My mom, my bf, and a few other people have asked me, "What do you want to do for you birthday?" and all I can say is, "I dunno... EAT?" lol I have a tiny summertime bucket list that I am very determined to meet! (middle of May to beginning of August)

1. Read 20 books!
2. Finish at LEAST 3 Korean Drama series, from start to finish! (Right now, I'm on Birth of a Beauty, You're The Best, Lee Soon Shin, and A Divorce Lawyer in Love.)
3. Spend as much time with my boyfriend, Chad, as possible!
4. Introduce my boyfriend to my dad! (lol they haven't met yet!)
5. Get my driver's license (I know, it's a little sad... but my family's schedule is so packed, I haven't had a lot of time to practice over the years...)
6. Bake at least 3 pies/tarts!
7. Drink as many veggie smoothies as possible! The best way to receive your vegetable intake is by juicing them!
8. Hang out with friend(s) I haven't seen in over a year!

This is me... most days.

HI HI!! Everyone this is the profile of Pseudoyoyomi.I composed this profile all by myself.It was not too hard because I used the tools laid out for me by gaia.I am somewhat happy with it..even though it is generic. I hope it details me pretty well.I am a female...and...I love sweets..and things...for the most part I am a nice person but it seems no one ever wants to play with me so if you like to rp and know where a good one is at then come get me...because I am game. LOL for anything else please talk to me I don't bite unless prompted to. *wink wink*

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