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Gender: Female

Location: California

Occupation: Artist

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A watercolorist for the past 4 to 5 years, I push myself to improve my techniques and focus on the details I've become recognized for. Proudly one of the artists of Blue Moon Gallery located in Sacramento, California.

Where can you find my art?:
-deviantART - I currently have 3 accounts on dA currently which I would like to invite you to visit to see what I do. If you're on dA as well, feel free to drop me a line at any one of the accounts. - My main art account which I update on a regular basis with art and gallery event news. - An account where I house an odd little comic I call Day in the Life of Dawn. Also have some photos and little odds and ends which I've found amusing. - Originally created for my mother, this account currently houses many of my photos which I will occasionally use as reference for paintings.

Physical Gallery location:
- As of Saturday Feb. 23, 2008 -Blue Moon Gallery located in Sacramento, CA


"I existed from all eternity and, behold, I am here; and I shall exist till the end of time, for my being has no end."

- Khalil Gibran, "Anthem of Humanity"

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kyeira chan Report | 05/08/2015 11:54 pm
kyeira chan
NIxy!! Oh I know sadest thing gaia had to get ride of ZOMG cuz of huge infomation leak that if people had found out about this all of guys would be hacked and destoryed by hackers. :A: Sadest thing ever I swear, cuz I miss ZOMG so much. -otlorz-
kyeira chan Report | 11/24/2014 8:27 pm
kyeira chan
I miss ma SOMG too, so sad. :A: cat_crying
Calico Tiger Report | 11/14/2011 7:59 pm
Calico Tiger
I like the new layout for your profile page! Very pleasant to look at 3nodding
Vexyvampire Report | 06/28/2011 10:01 pm
hey how are u ?Longtime no talk
RaiiNboWs oN HiGH Report | 06/02/2011 6:33 pm
RaiiNboWs oN HiGH
your art is *so* beautiful
Shadowdream24 Report | 04/28/2011 1:21 pm
^__^ I attack your profile! whee
Calico Tiger Report | 04/05/2011 3:24 pm
Calico Tiger
Calico Tiger Report | 04/04/2011 9:21 pm
Calico Tiger
I'm not really actively on either much biggrin I just pop in to check messages here and there. Most of the time I'm off elsewhere doing something else, or in another window or tab (Sims, Dragon Age 2, pumping for milk, visiting my baby, etc...)
Calico Tiger Report | 04/04/2011 6:06 pm
Calico Tiger
*huggles* Hey you biggrin How goes it?
Crucius se Feros Report | 03/28/2011 11:00 am
Crucius se Feros
Cool Avi

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