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there's really not much to say. *sweat* my interests do point out some things


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Dreams and Nightmares

The title tells you somewhat about my personality but not too much. The title is self explanatory about what's going to be in the journal.


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Wolven Bird Report | 09/13/2021 7:38 am
Wolven Bird
bmax98 Report | 12/10/2019 1:21 am
I am so sorry to anyone who reads this comment. I have no excuse for my prolonged absence after college and even before it. But if anyone is willing to reach out to me, I will try to be more consistent about replying. I also lost my original account because I no longer have access to my old email that was attached to the account. That’s why I’m using my cousin’s account right now. This is Ninja of the Demon Realm or Bmax99 if you remember my younger days. I’ll be posting apologies to all my friends that I am able to on my profile. Again, I’m sorry if I’ve caused any prolonged pain.>_<
Gaby Canenis Report | 10/12/2014 3:07 pm
Gaby Canenis
Hey, Ninja (Max, I presume?) Are you really back in gaia? ^_^' So am I, I guess, hehe.
Kitty Isra Report | 06/28/2014 1:58 am
Kitty Isra
Meow 3nodding
KonNee-san Report | 04/01/2014 2:29 pm
hi there

your avi

i like it

its very....purple-y ☺

look at that selfish Deidrich up there, eating the cake right in front of us

doesnt even offer me a slice emotion_donotwant

totes rude, right?
Wolf fairy13 Report | 08/18/2013 3:15 pm
Wolf fairy13
*glomps* :3 About to start college the 20th xD I miss you and everyone D: But i've been okay, nothing to really complain about i guess 0x
NicholasE777 Report | 08/18/2013 12:08 am
so i take it you got your grades up?
if it was your first year it is kinda expected to not be at 100% grade wise,there is a lot of adjusting.
Sessysaurus Report | 08/17/2013 1:50 pm
You don't deserve them.
NicholasE777 Report | 02/23/2013 12:06 am
O: how did you get through all the security i installed? >>

i have been bleh, sleep hasnt really been happening much :/
how have you been mr. smart college student?
Wolf fairy13 Report | 02/22/2013 6:02 pm
Wolf fairy13
You're back Q uQ ?



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One of the weird messed up families that i'm part of. xD

Uncle Tribal and sessho's brother

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Um...i tried adding mom's avi but it didn't let me. ._.

recently quit gaia. ._.idk y. >_>

Bird just labeled us as twins. xD

Brother, he's scary, but nice.xDdoes that make sense?O.o