KonNee-san, my friend
the 1st 1 & the best 1
can i touch ur butt

The Disastrous Phantom
If you spot her, you better run!
Or else you'll be done!
Watch out, here she comes!
Keep your eyes out for KonNee-san.

Farted in a fan
Now this room smells
like old man

Honeydew Pudding
Your beauty is a lonely bright star in the neglected night
Your personality affectionate and wild as it takes flight
Endless thoughtfulness
Undress to impress
Such a wondrous being exists only in one

Oneesan is so sweet,
the sweetest you will ever meet,
If you hurt my Oneesan
you will be beat
with a beet

The cashier overprices KonNee-san's purchase. The young man behind the counter soils himself. When will the morbid sight take leave from his eyes? A warm draft stirs KonNee-san with an inter mediated discourse. KonNee-san foams!

You are a pirate
You sail the seas
After I've drank my rum
I'll make you weak at the knees


KonNee-san you fell in the sand with a man named Lan one day you were on top of Lan and you felt a poke in your butt now your pregnant with a bug.

Erect Nipss

you're oh so much fun
your hair as bright as fire
your glasses make you look like a hipster
but its ok cuz i like your toes.

Eulogy of Konnee-san

i knew u for like 5 mins
but u seemed nice enough
and even though u left via bite, at least it was from a cat because cats are pretty cute

PS. ur sig rly got me
RIP KonNee

sparkly B hole


KonNee was an angel of animals, a protector she hated seeing any form of animal in pain. In her room up in heaven there was nothing but real and stuff animals, she collected both. It was her who helped Noah gather all the animals before the flood. Her father (the lord) didn't even ask her to. She just knew this was her duty to animal kind. When the flood came she had to be put into a coma so she couldn't hear the cries of countless drowning animals. She would sleep for the 40 days and nights, and when the flood was finally over. Without thinking she flew down to earth in a desperate search for any land based survivors, saddly she found none. This act alone broke her heart.
"Why father...why did these creatures have to suffer for what man did..." A tear fell to the earth something new to angels, emotions. She silently sat there crying, she wasn't even praying anymore she was just crying. That's when she decided . She looked up towards heaven, and in an act of rebellion she tore her wings straight off. For the first time in her life she felt pain, sorrow and every other human emotion that humans feel. It was almost overwhelming to her, she collapsed onto the mud as if she had given up. There were no more animals beside the ones God gave to noah to protect. What was her new purpose? She was lost, but right when she thought all was lost, a small blue jay landed next to her. Looked up at her and as if smiled and told her. God loves you KonNee he did not do this to hurt you.
When she stared at the bird a feeling of warmth like she had felt back in heaven washed over her. Her wings grew back in an instant.
"Go now fly and gather the survivors and help noah repopulate the animal kingdom! This is your new duty!"

lil brother

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