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Evil Girl

Really not so much. lol. I'm copying and pasting this from another site.

One day, you and your friend are at your house, watching TV, your parents are gone. Then, the door bell rings and you go answer it.
A little girl is at the door. Suddenly a mysterious force picks you up and throws you into the wall. You look bug eyed at the girl and then at your friend who came to see what happend. Then the girl starts singing 'You Are My Sunshine' and your friend is impaled on a somehow floating knife. You back away from the girl and she walks toward you, still singing. Then you decide to lunge at her, and she passes right through your body, and begins to choke you. And says in a ghostly voice,
"Listen will serve me untill you die, and you will not go above, you will become a spirit like me, and be my husband. Go into the light, and I will chain you back, and prevent you from ever leaving this house."
With that, she dissapeared and you try to run out of the house, but she uses her powers to through you back against the wall. Then your nose starts bleeding, you cough up blood, and your legs break, and you can hear the girl say,
"You won't need them when you die."
She laughes maniacaly...




*closes eyes and puts hand to heart*

The aura is with me!!! *quickly dashes towards the enemy, punches him in the ehart, and absorbs his aura*

I am a Lucario MANIAC!!! I can't talk about poke'mon with out bringing up Lucario. Or even little baby Riolu. But answer me this...

Poke'mon Company claims that Lucario is a D/P pokemon, but why did he first appear in Lucario & The Mystery Of Mew? That took place in R/S/E.

Either way, i'm PKMN Master in almost every pokemon game. I OWN LEVEL 9s in SSBB as Lucario, Snake, and PKMN Trainer. I'm also good as Kirby. Baayy.

Lol. Contact me if you need to know anything about Pokemon.


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I swear sometimes here. But for the most time, I just ranr on, and on, and on about different stuff.


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Sekushii na Lexi-chan Report | 07/08/2009 5:16 pm
Sekushii na Lexi-chan
lol, yea, but i rele want the inaris beeads, and thats almost 400,000gg alone.
Happy Birthday! (so how old are you exactly? around high school age?)
Sekushii na Lexi-chan Report | 07/07/2009 2:18 pm
Sekushii na Lexi-chan
lol. and I keep selling things that I probably will never use. even if they are rarer items... and I got a 25,000gg donation from a good friend of mine... but thats all the help I got...
Sekushii na Lexi-chan Report | 07/07/2009 2:06 pm
Sekushii na Lexi-chan
i am active. and at the moment I have 97,984gg but i still dont have enough for the inaris beads...
Sekushii na Lexi-chan Report | 07/07/2009 1:46 pm
Sekushii na Lexi-chan
i know, and thats what I do, but I just dont get enough gold... i need 1,500,000gg for the things i want.
Sekushii na Lexi-chan Report | 07/07/2009 1:35 pm
Sekushii na Lexi-chan
lol. so random. ya know, i need to get my hands on more gold...
Sekushii na Lexi-chan Report | 07/07/2009 1:28 pm
Sekushii na Lexi-chan
Sekushii na Lexi-chan Report | 07/07/2009 1:19 pm
Sekushii na Lexi-chan
uh? ehkay?
Sekushii na Lexi-chan Report | 07/07/2009 1:10 pm
Sekushii na Lexi-chan
you like my newish avi? (appart from the one I had from before you vanished)
Sekushii na Lexi-chan Report | 07/07/2009 12:43 pm
Sekushii na Lexi-chan
Sekushii na Lexi-chan Report | 07/07/2009 12:27 pm
Sekushii na Lexi-chan
yea, it says my bday is january 12th too, when its the 13th...

Jingle Bombs

Dashing through the sand
With a bomb strapped to my back
I have a nasty plan
For Christmas in Iraq

I got through checkpoint A
But not through checkpoint B
That's when I got shot in the xxx by U.S. military

// It's not funny!

Ooo, Jingle bombs, jingle bombs mine blew up you see
Where are all the virgins that Bin Laden promised me
Jingle bombs, jingle bombs your soldiers shot me dead
The only thing that I have left is this towel upon my head

I used to be a man, but every time I cough
Thanks do uncle Sam my nuts keep falling off
My bombing days are done, I need to find some work
Perhaps it would be much safer as a convenient store night clerk,
Ooo, Jingle bombs, jingle bombs I think I got screwed
Don't laugh at me because I'm dead or I kill you!

// I kill yooooou!


The battle is over, and evil has triumphed...join the resistance. DEATH TO S.I.N.!!!!!

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