Hey the name's Lexi
and I was born on Friday January 13th
(Friday the 13th baby of doooom!)

I am one of the most random, unusual, non-labelable people of this planet.

I'm quite friendly, and get along with everyone for the most part.
(I hate stereotypes and clique barriers)

I'm an athlete, artist, and a gamer

I'm quite intelligent, creative, and adventurous.

I absolutely LOVE Pokemon and Okami
(my two most favored games/franchises in the world)
I know a ton about the two, and I'm never afraid to express that!

I figure skate, play soccer, and ran varsity cross country for a bit

I love role playing and cosplay

I enjoy doing a ton of stuff, and am a fan of things you would never imagine me to be.

...this is just the tip of the iceberg. so if you care to get to know me better, shoot me a PM, I always enjoy a nice chat

By the way
I am a competitive battler and I also like other online gaming. So hit me up with a PM with your friendcode or gamertag so we can play ^^

Pokemon Friend Codes:
(Diamond->Heartgold FC's are no longer in commission)

White FC: 1635-4067-3886

Other Gamer Info:

SSBB code: 5241 9968 9599
Wii Number: 5565 1761 0427 4583
3DS Number: 3780 9025 0771
Xbox Live gt: LexiOkamiKami