Things you should know about the "chosen one"

I am from the Mississippi Gulf Coast in the US. I am here for friends ,gaming & gold!!!! I have met alot of really cool people on Gaia ( you know who you are)! I am hoping to meet alot more! It could even be you!!!!!! I enjoy playing and coaching baseball (I love my little league boys) They are champions on and off the field! unless the game runs late into the night. Then they get a little cranky! I love playing the drums.I have played since I was 8. I play anything with a good beat but my favorite is metal because I love my doublebass pedal (64notes sound awesome)! I also run an Ebay store where I sell mostly vintage nintendo products. Hit me up if you need anything, I will shoot you the link! And last but not least is my lovely100gal aquarium. It is very relaxing to watch my little buddies doin what they do behind the glass. But unlike on Gaia you can't give my tank a TAP! I wouldnt appreciate it very much, and neither would the fish! Well if you dont know enough about me by now you will have to find me in ZOMG or the SLOTS and just ask me yourself!Like I said before "I'm here for the GOLD."