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Yang Xhaio Long Report | 04/20/2020 11:52 am
Yang Xhaio Long
Greetings! I am in search for ZOMG Drops some of which are in your store some may be in your inventory? I am questing:
Brass (500 quantity)-1 platinum per unit/10,000,000 gold per unit.
Night Fire (500 quantity)- 10 plat/ 100,000,000 gold per unit
Cured Hide (500 quantity) - 10P/100,000,000 G per unit
Wing Tree Leaf (150 quantity)- 25P/250,000,000G per unit
Scar of the warrior recipe 10P/ 100,000,000G per
Scar of tyrant recipe - 10p/100,000,000 per
Scar of Martyr recipe - 10p/100,000,000
Scar of Rogue recipe - 10p/100,000,000G per

I frequently need drops from ZOMG for alchemy, if you do not want your items I will gladly pay you and take them off your hands. I know my Brass price is low, however this is because it is easy to farm so I am firm on that price. I hope we can strike a deal that is mutually beneficial. sweatdrop
Eluelfu Report | 06/17/2015 2:14 am
And I still have the role play wait what thing in my mail, man we haven't talked since 2013! Where'd the time go.
Eluelfu Report | 06/17/2015 2:12 am
AYE I REMEMBER YOU!!! Ah good times those were, nothing much really just stay up late cause summer time. How about you?
Eluelfu Report | 06/17/2015 1:41 am
Hallow ^-^
The_lovely_wonderer Report | 11/30/2013 5:23 pm
Apparently i was friends with animefanrex. We talk for a while after becoming friends. stuff and all ya know about anime i guess.
studen jorge Report | 11/22/2013 8:11 am
studen jorge
Hablas espaƱol? 3nodding 3nodding
DeeeJayBeee Report | 10/31/2013 9:14 am
Oh Right ^-^
DeeeJayBeee Report | 10/31/2013 9:06 am
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coldsunset Report | 10/20/2013 10:40 am
oohh i see, well if you ever get bored u can try playing rumble fighter, it's fun
coldsunset Report | 10/20/2013 9:53 am
do you know what rumble fighter is?

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