~ ☉ ♎ | ☽ ♊ ~

Hi! I'm a lil bit of a shy person but I love talking. I truly wish I could make new friendships around, so if you want someone to talk with or chat for a bit you just came to the right person :3 heart

A lil bit more about me:

I ADORE love cats, with passion uwu
I'm 23 owo
I love to draw and sing
I'm a designer, but still in college x'D
My bestie is Vetelgyus, best bro ever òwó/
I love music
I'm veeery much into Astrology
I'm a Libra heart
I love my boyfriend bunches! >u<
I'm adicted to make Gaia avis ;w;
I'm a lil bit of a stalker
(so probably I already stalked your profile to see your avis) -w- (?)
I'm pretty clumsy :'v
I love drawing people's avis but it's been a while since I don't do it x'D

I don't know what else to add x'D

PM me and let get this going òwó/ (?) XD