Oh, you want to know what my name is? Well, that would be Hong Meiling (Meiling being the given name). It is NOT China, and it is NOT Kurenai Misuzu, although if you read the kanji it can be mistaken for that.

But it isn't either of those nicknames.

I was born in a small youkai village about 1500 miles near what is now modern Shenyang. Of course, that was many many years ago, and now it's gone. Probably my parents are dead as well, but life is about the present, moving forward, right?

A lot of people say I'm lazy or I don't do my job properly, and that simply isn't true. I work very hard as a gatekeeper, and I can keep up with most youkai who want to break into the Mansion. However, my danmaku isn't very good, as you can see; I'm more skilled in hand to hand combat. However, my control of Qi is absolutely lethal... if I want it to be.

The only one who I could never stop was Marisa. And Reimu. But that's because of her Master Spark and Fantasy Orb, respectively. sweatdrop

Maybe we'll meet again, and you could challenge me to a match sometime. wink