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The Witch of Space Report | 09/17/2011 9:06 am
The Witch of Space
{ Same.
Except I've certainly started to cut back.
Then made more.
.__. }
The Witch of Space Report | 08/19/2011 8:54 pm
The Witch of Space
{ Yes, that's exactly who I thought you were.
I'm guessing you're Saigyouji Yuyuko as well? }
The Witch of Space Report | 08/11/2011 8:11 am
The Witch of Space
{Yeah. And I've only really seen one Satori on Gaia, so I suspect that would probably be you. o: }
catastrophicCarnival13 Report | 08/10/2011 4:16 pm
BeCaUsE i CoUlD bE i GuEsS

[I was Rping with some other people in the towns and Gamzee got killed by bro epically after Rose was given pie and I decided to come back in a dress... I don't know why...]
The Witch of Space Report | 08/08/2011 8:44 pm
The Witch of Space
{ Oh, then I think I know who you are then, considering there aren't many cosplays of Satori, Yuyuko, and Rumia.
I had a Yoshika account, but I killed it.
I still have Shikieiki though. }
catastrophicCarnival13 Report | 08/04/2011 2:58 pm
SpIdEr BrO
The Witch of Space Report | 08/01/2011 9:05 pm
The Witch of Space
{ Aww. c:
That was nice of her.

I had actually seen you before when you were Lily White. o: }
The Witch of Space Report | 07/30/2011 8:40 pm
The Witch of Space
{ Thank you for the add. c:
Your Vriska cosplay is really great by the way! }
Skrob Report | 07/29/2011 3:17 pm
Indeed! Yes! 8 is the best number. But, I think I may quit.... Cosplaying Vriska ....
Skrob Report | 07/29/2011 4:33 am
Ah. Well, we need for Vriska's so we can 8ecome dominant! D8<


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Your name is VRISKA SERKET.

You are a master of EXTREME ROLE PLAYING. You can't get enough of it, or really any game of high stakes and chance. You have persisted with the habit even in spite of your ACCIDENT. But then again, you don't have much choice.

Your lusus is VERY HUNGRY, ALL THE TIME. She can only be appeased by the FLESH OF YOUNG TROLLS. You cloud campaigns for teams of Flarpers, utilizing your abilities for ORCHESTRATING THE DEMISE OF THE IMPRESSSSSSSSIONA8LE. Your victories supply you with treasure, experience points, and SPIDER FOOD.

You are something of an APOCALYPSE BUFF, which is something you can be on Alternia. You are fascinated by end of the world scenarios, and enjoy constructing DOOMSDAY DEVICES for the hell of it. You are drawn to means of DARK PROGNOSTICATION and the advantages they offer, particularly in gaming scenarios. Your abilities in this department were hobbled with the loss of your VISION EIGHTFOLD, and you have since sought alternatives through various BLACK ORACLES. You consult with these ominous globes, but routinely destroy them in frustration over the PUZZLING GUARANTEED INACCURACY of their predictions. Breaking them has developed into a habit BORDERING ON FETISHISTIC, and with each you destroy, you add to an insurmountable stockpile of TERRIBLE LUCK. You have to stop. But addiction is a powerful thing.

Your trolltag is arachnidsGrip and your st8ments tend to 8e just a little 8it overdramaaaaaaaatic.

Bluh bluh.

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Our so-called 'leader'.
Really he's kind of a whiny wriggler half the time. The other half, he just 8itches at everyone a8out everything.
Watch him 8itch at me for saying this a8out him too. :::;D

Missing Items

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Total Value: 3,059,368 Gold
After Exclusions: 2,699,999 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Gray Body Dye

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Total Value: 14,248,448 Gold
After Exclusions: 13,204,550 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Gray Body Dye
Sacred Guardian
Black Goth Skirt
Blade of the Night Sky
Faust's Curse
Colonial Stockings
Carmine Red Buckle Boots


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I suck at making profiles. Sue me.