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I LOVE to read. So if you LOVE to read as well, Keep reading as I am now going to list some very good books that I have read, maybe a comment about them as well, if you have read any good books send me a PM or a comment to let me know and I'll read them and maybe you might find them on my profile later. Anyway enjoy these cant put down books.

The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare- Best book series I have read in years, its got everything in it, Love of all kinds, Magic, Supernatural creatures, Massive twists and much more, no one will be able to put this book down. To give you a hand the first book is called City of Bones. They are also making a movie of the first book the will be out at the end of 2013.

Mercy Thompson Series by Patrica Briggs- Very exciting, broad range of supernatural creatures and spirits, also a good romance and action. First book is called Moon Called.

An Alpha and Omega Series by Patrica Briggs- This series is different to Mercy's series however the book is about another women, werewolf, but her and Mercy live in the same world, so Anna (main character) and Mercy and her alpha are all part of the same sort of story as they all answer to the same Mega Alpha in both story's, which i think is clever. The first book is called Cry Wolf. However if you want to get a bit of backgroung before reading the series read On the Prowl.

The Demonmata series by Darren Shan- This series was very dark and groosum, however how it links together through the different characters and storys are great. Its about demons and humans and different dementions. The first book is called Lord Loss.

A House of Night Series by P.C. and Kristin Cast. This series is very good with the challenge of friendships and leadership and also beliefs. The story's characters are Vampires, however there are other supernatural creatures as well. The first book is called Marked.

Chanters of Tremaris by Kate Constable- This series is amazing with people who control the elements with singing. However each group of people can only control one element with different singing types, however there is one how controls all. The humans society has different relationship values then our, they start marrages at an early age. Very good story line though. The first book is called The Singer of All Songs.

Grace Series by Maggie Stiefvater- This series is is about a very strong romance, however things get complicated when supernatural forces, werewolf traits, in the lover. Later when things seem great something else happens which will create a massive surge of emotions on the reader. The first book is called Shiver.

Earth Children by Jean M Auel- This series is based in the ice age time, when cave men started to experiment with ways of living and also about a main character called Ayla, it is through her eyes we see anything, its all about who she is and how everyone else sees her through she has grown up with a different type of people she finds a new way of living by creating a style based on what she learns and what she remembers, helping others and teaching others along the way. Not to mention her great companions aren't always of the human variety . Ayla's story is amazing and very emotional and heart warming. The first book is called The Clan of the Cave Bears.

A book called Jessica by Bryce Courtenary. Its an Australian book, very well written, and is based in the early 1900's. The main character is Jessica, all I am willing to say is this girl has spirit right up until the end of the book, she has an amazing heart and the author who died early this year did an amazing job on expressing emotions and getting the readers to fall in love with a girl who was probably a little too stubborn for her own good. Throughout this book, I laughed, I burst out in anger and I cried when it ended, if you get to the end of this book you will have a new outlook on Australian history, through a fictional characters eyes.

A novel called Heart Sick by Chelsea Cain, its a murder book. A serial killer captures her last victim, the man in charge of hunting her down (Archie). After ten days instead of killing him and leaving him for someone to find she calls 911. why? you will have to read to find out... Plus after two years a new serial killer is out and on the hunt, Archie is shadowed by a young reporter who has secrets of her own. There might only be one way to find this new killer and Archie is tempted to do anything to stop the killings of teenage girls. Does he have the right mind yet after having gone through ten days with a serial killer himself? Find out...

The Hobbit- Yes I'm sure you all have heard about it, seen the movie and all that. BUT the book is very detailed, and honestly reading it is a completely different experience to seeing a movie or hearing about it. I read this to by 5 year old cousins, they loved it, sure then names were funny and using funny voices made the book funnier or more exciting. The comments I'd like to say about this book is its a load of adventure and the conversations that go on are funny, heart warming and very informative to each character. Also the part where Bilbo and Gollum have a riddle game is a lot funnier then the movie, also the movie got some parts of the book in the wrong order, only slightly, you cant tell in the movie. Also something I'm not happy about the movie is that there is no mention of Orks following them. Also Radagas was mentioned once by name, he never actually appears in the book. Anyway the story itself is a lot better then the movie, and to me its a book for any age, just read a few pages each night before you read it to the kids, you can summaries the parts that are not suitable. I loved this book.

My latest read is Desert Flower by Waris Dirie ,something I wouldn't normally pick, however I enjoyed the cultural aspects I didn't know about. It was very informative to the ways of an African nomad and her way of life, that is until the young lady changed her life by running away to stop herself from becoming like her mother and her sisters. This book tells the story of Waris, a young child in the desert who runs away and ends up becoming a model, then becomes an ambassador for women s right as she doesn't want thousands of girls to go through her cultural "secret" as she did. This secret is one that many would call disgusting and horrifying, many children die but some survive this cultural tradition, Waris was the first to speak out publicly and has changed many lives by doing so. Read her story and find out why so many young girls died in Africa because of a tradition that made you eligible to marry, if you didn't then you would never find a husband.



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delphineray Report | 07/24/2014 6:53 pm
Was just looking at your profile and noticed that you love to read and that we had some book series in common.
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ketsu hanashi
thank you! smile
mistymountaingirl Report | 02/21/2014 7:04 am
I saw your note in a bottle & checked out your profile & you had all kinds of books mentioned there that I also enjoy. I am an avid reader too & always looking for something new to read. Trying to find friends that are well-read & smart isn't as easy as one might think! I guess that's why the friend request. I
Nidira Report | 01/29/2014 4:15 am
You`re welcome! Thanks for having the lowest price! n___n
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II Sinful II
thank you for selling! hehe
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You're welcome biggrin
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Thanks forselling. : D
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If you know of any good books add a comment or PM me, I love to read, anything is good. Maybe tell me why you think its a good book. Cheers

Some of my friends who enjoy books as well are around my profile, so if I dont have anything that interests you, ask them.