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I just adpted a Skitty!
Name: Ravin
Likes: Cookies and Vodka
Doesn't Like: Mean people (makes me Cri Cri)
Owner: Sinful
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ஜThe basics ஜ

Real Name: Ask & i MIGHT tell yew
Zodiac Sign: Libra

Religion: None

What is your height?: 5 foot 6

What is your eye colour?: Hazel but bright green when I cry

What is your hair colour?: Currently medium blond and dyed reddish purple on bottom

Do you wear glasses or contacts?: Glasses

Body structure: Average

Are you right handed or left handed?: Left! Da Bomb peeps are Lefties!

Do you swear?: Like a ******** sailor

ஜA little more personalஜ

Sexual Orientation?: Bi-Sexual - I LOVE chicks & dudes.. I am attracted by a personality whether it be male or female

Why are you so weird?: umm duhh… cuz normal is sooo boring and overrated!

Home State: CA

Current School: Graduated

Pets: 2 adorable cats – Toonzez & Nanook

How Old do you act? : depends on my mood .. hehe (evil grin)

ஜWhat is your favorite...ஜ

Color?: Black, Purple, Red

Food?: Pizza, Thai, Japanese

Ice cream?: Cherry Amaretto Gelato, marscapone cherry

Sport?: Sand Rails in desert, camping

Place to be?: My Apt

Restaurant?: Raman Jinya

Season of the year?: Winter and cuddly blankets


Relationship Status: FOREVER SINGLE

ஜDo you...ஜ

Go to Church?: Nope

Care what people think of you?: Nope

Have any Regrets?: Many

Have a Dark Secret?: Of course

Believe in Fate?: Yes

Believe in Karma?: Absolutely

Believe in Ghosts/Spirits? Absolutely

ஜWho is...ஜ

Your Hero?: My Mom

Your Most Hated Person in the world?: The one who hit me

Your Best friend?: No-one you know

Your Funniest Friend?: Demise & my bestie in Real


Are your favourite things to do?: Crafting things & Cooking

Is your biggest weakness?: Love & the thought of not being loved

Is your biggest fear?: Spiders, Earthquakes

Your Biggest Regret?: Not leaving an abusive relationship after the first punch

ஜHave you ever...ஜ

Danced barefoot in the rain?: Umm.. No.. don't dance -.-

Cried for no reason?: Always have a reason

Laughed so hard you cried?: Yes

Done drugs? If so, What?: Yes & None of your business

Smoked?: Yes but not cigarettes

Drunk so much you passed out?: Yes

Sat on your rooftop?: Yes

Cried over a movie?: Yes

Been in an auto accident?: Yes

Been to hospital?: Yes

Met a Celebrity?: Yes

Kissed someone of the same sex?: Yes - MANY TIMES

Ran away from home?: No (kicked out – Yes)

Lied to Someone?: Yes

Been Lied to?: Too many times

Broke a bone?: Nope.

Cried yourself to sleep?: Yes

ஜIn the opposite sex...ஜ

Hair color?: Any

Height?: Taller than me

Weight?: Don't care

Biggest turn off?: Bad Kisser

Biggest turn on?: A Dominant person, Tattoos

Short or long hair?: Don't care

Older or younger?: Younger

ஜThis or that?ஜ

Showers or baths?: Showers & Bubbles Baths

Kiss or hug?: YES PLEASE

Day or Night?: Both

Friends or Family?: Huh?

Personality or Looks?: Personality & Looks

Thanks for visiting!!


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DaRk GoTh FeArY
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DaRk GoTh FeArY
heart heart heart
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DJ Ritual
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Narcissia Alyssum
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X-Aach Report | 09/14/2017 3:55 pm
3nodding Cool profile- I'm left handed too- lefty people are indeed da bomb razz
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i been working a lot that all *blood runs out my ears* and i think you just destroyed my ears...
FloppyDiskRage Report | 08/02/2017 3:26 pm
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DaRk GoTh FeArY
prettyfull avi heart
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better then ever
mayibeyournightlight Report | 07/24/2017 7:11 pm
hey hi howdy i was the noob you helped a few months ago how are you heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart

My 1st Avi Art! Thank you xXxlovely_amyxXx