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NyanCookie Report | 04/16/2013 10:44 am
Happy Birthday :3
xIZaraIx Report | 04/16/2013 2:28 am
Happy Birthday, hun. <3 Love you. heart
rise_or_die_trying Report | 02/24/2013 9:21 pm
I want you to join my clan
Goddess Syra Report | 04/22/2012 7:49 pm
Goddess Syra
Will you come do me a favor? I'm trying to get 2 achievements sausage fest and prayer circle I need 5 more guys willing to kneel and make one post please.
Wonderful Nightmares Report | 04/15/2012 9:55 am
Wonderful Nightmares
hehehe i will haunt your dreams
rise_or_die_trying Report | 03/02/2012 7:46 pm
Sammy wanted u on dude , she missed u
LonEwoLF_sawrow Report | 02/20/2012 6:10 pm
hey u remembered that i said that i was gonna enter the arena right? ok there i was double checking on my stats on arena for these past two days, when i read two quotes on the arena on my avatar taht i entered, this person bananaFLCL wanted to steal mines and other avatars cosplays, so i did, is deleted my entered avatar and explained to the I feel so depressed that this has happened to me today, all that effort has actually gone...sad that this has happened to me.but also idk wat to do..his quote"mmm i can modified this so that i can steal for the future.ETC" Messed up yo and i feel very depressed : (
Maxi Uchiha Report | 02/10/2012 6:41 pm
Maxi Uchiha
halla halla get dolla!
LonEwoLF_sawrow Report | 02/09/2012 3:56 pm
hey ya dude wanted to say watsup, see ya around
rise_or_die_trying Report | 02/05/2012 3:13 pm
U gonna watch The Super Bowl!!!! blaugh blaugh xd xd xd xd

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