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Hello I am Kitsune Or Kit most know me by.

I am a role player but mostly in group ones. ( not unless i know you for a long time don't ask me to role play one on one .. It won't happen )

heart I like to read draw Watch anime , play games and so much more.

scream But there are things I just HATE. One of them is people complain about there stupid lives over and over. Don't bring your s**t to me. Cause I am sadly tired of hearing the same s**t over and over. I also don't like people who are only being nice to get something out of me. ( which sadly i won't be giving out XD So why try ? )

Now for a little bit about me ?

I am furry ( though not fully >.< I only have ears and a tail and plus its hot where i live ) I come on here a lot. ( though i do go away for some time.. ) I like to draw freebies. Though its not every day.

Um what else ? well not sure .. >.< so yea DX


name: Wild Fox Appears or Kitsune or Kit
Age : 33
Race : Kitsune Tenshi ( nine tailed fox angel )
Likes : cute things ! playing games on her switch and xbox. Friends and family
Dislikes : Random Pms and friend request ...


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James Daniel Garcia Report | 01/06/2023 2:44 am
James Daniel Garcia
Of course.
James Daniel Garcia Report | 01/05/2023 12:44 pm
James Daniel Garcia
Aside from a sore throat and cough, I'm good.
James Daniel Garcia Report | 01/05/2023 4:59 am
James Daniel Garcia
Make sure to get plenty of rest.
James Daniel Garcia Report | 12/17/2022 9:28 pm
James Daniel Garcia
No worries. We all have our reasons.
James Daniel Garcia Report | 11/27/2022 7:26 pm
James Daniel Garcia
I should really look into this more.
James Daniel Garcia Report | 11/22/2022 11:10 am
James Daniel Garcia
I wish. Don't you have to be close to trade?
James Daniel Garcia Report | 11/20/2022 11:09 pm
James Daniel Garcia
More friends in the game.
Mademoiselle Alvinette Report | 11/02/2022 11:00 pm
Mademoiselle Alvinette
I'm glad she got her power back! I heard that they were estimating some places being without power for many weeks!

And now it's way past my bedtime. I gotta go get my beauty rest! Good night! emotion_hug
Mademoiselle Alvinette Report | 11/02/2022 10:13 pm
Mademoiselle Alvinette
I saw a lot of footage on the news. That looked terrible! I'm glad you guys weren't affected too much by it. emotion_hug
Mademoiselle Alvinette Report | 11/02/2022 9:57 pm
Mademoiselle Alvinette
Were you and your loved ones in the path of the hurricane? ; n ;

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its bigger on the inside ! ( a song about Doctor Who !)

ll Yuki Kun ll
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My gaia sons Yuki and Mio

My sisters Zeke Amy and Amora Mess with them you mess with the fox

<.< I am done with love >.> I will just make out with this mirror XD

my brother Coco