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☼Tearstained Monochrome (vamp)

☼Im Your Asian

☼F a r t n a d o (nova)


☼grimdarktechhead (sparksssss)

☼BIesse (utts)

☼mewleo (LEOOOO)

☼Rokusasu A.

☼Skull Hard Candy





Le Darri/La Katia/Darri Farm/Katziya
-better known as kat or darr

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Inspiring Quote

“...I give you the mausoleum of all hope and desire...I give it to you not that you may remember time, but that you might forget it now and then for a moment and not spend all of your breath trying to conquer it. Because no battle is ever won he said. They are not even fought. The field only reveals to man his own folly and despair, and victory is an illusion of philosophers and fools.”
― William Faulkner, The Sound and the Fury

About Me?

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♥ I draw for fun. Look at the "my art" tab



♥My name is spelled with two L's and a V. L as in Liquid, Love, etc.

WHO AM I????
♥Hobbies: Drawing, Painting, Singing, Songwriting, Piano Playing, Composing, Knitting, Crocheting, and a whole bunch of D.I.Y stuffs for outfits :3

♥I have an extreme appreciation for the arts and music ;-;

♥My Favorite Types of music? GLITTER TRAP! Alternative R&B, all the things most dont hear about or listen to. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvuMmRUjCNVJBeeyqWeR0V_Lukji5b5tE

♥Don't be afraid to talk to me ;D !

♥Sometimes you'll think I'm strange...lol. I have a wild imagination.

♥Truth is: I'm shy in person *hides face in book* ...and I would love to do pottery. Ya know, make a fancy vase and stuffs.

♥Favorite Food...so tough. I'll go with Ackee & Saltfish, Bread & Cheese, and PIZZA!

♥Something I like?: An inbox from someone, anyone basically xD. Go ahead and comment on my pro or message me, I don'te bite! :3

♥I dislike bullies. Also, I hate stereotypes :0 , don't label a group of people (it's not like you've met ALL of them).

yum_puddi yum_puddi yum_puddi


Bleach, Guilty Crown, Mirai Nikki, Inuyasha, Inu X Boku SS, Attack on Titan, Code Geass, Full Metal Alchemist, Romeo X Juliet, Kaicho Wa Maid Sama, Special A, Ouran High School Host Club, Ao No Exorcist, Naruto, Eden Of the East, Princess Jellyfish, Kamisama Kiss, Noragami, Sword Art Online, Say I Love You, Samurai Champloo, Psycho-Pass, Death Note, Hetalia:Axis Powers, Hetalia: World Series, Tokyo Ghoul, Black Butler, Vampire Knight, Vampire Knight Guilty, Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan, Michiko to Hatchin

The Boondocks, Tom & Jerry

♥Favorite Anime Movies♥:
Howl's Moving Castle, Spirited Away, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, Kiki's Delivery Service

♥Favorite Anime Soundtracks♥
Samurai Champloo, Guilty Crown, Amnesia, Kamisama Hajimemash*ta, Chobits, Vampire Knight/Vampire Knight Guilty

Master's Sun, The Rooftop Prince, My Love From Another Star, Miss Korea, Boys Over Flowers, The Heirs, City Hunter, Inspiring Generation

House of Flying Daggers, Memoirs of a Geisha, Inception, Argo

♥TV Shows♥
24, House of Cards, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Damages, Hit the Floor, Homeland, Hannibal

The Man Crush, So Ji Sub emotion_kirakira
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Now please enjoy this sexy bunny. Ty for actually scrolling down this far~

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Made by: kyliebearbutt

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Made by: Narni Nar

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Made by: The Spider Busters

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Made by: Murderous Potato
The only person who was willing to draw my pineapple suit ♥

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Made by: k y l i e b e a r b u t t

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Made by: ladies and gentlemint

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