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Make Up Sex Report | 03/24/2013 2:11 am
Make Up Sex
Ding ding ding!
Make Up Sex Report | 03/23/2013 5:05 pm
Make Up Sex
I'll give you a hint: we're both vice captains in a guild, but mine is under my old account.
Make Up Sex Report | 03/22/2013 4:27 pm
Make Up Sex
Guess who. xd
Lady Knight Faelynn Report | 12/06/2012 9:47 am
Lady Knight Faelynn
and her calmness (not sure that's a word, but whatever) didn't last longer than ten minutes. And she likes to randomly howl at you like she's trying to tell you a story. She's an awesome dog. Anyway I could go on and on about her...lol

Wow, well that's good that they backed your decision up. My mom woulda killed me. I wanted to join...once upon a time ago, but she wouldn't allow it. Now she knows that I'm grown up and will make my own decisions but I'm happy where I'm at now. Not so happy that I'm forever far away but still happy with what I'm trying to accomplish. That kinda sucks about your step mom though. I'm kinda like that to, only I have a step dad, not a step mom. I don't claim my birth father though...he's a jack a** and I hardly know him anyway. My mom was basically both my mom and dad throughout my life until Mark, my stepdad came along like 7ish years ago. I actually claim him unlike the real deal.

Yea I'm actually not usually on here much anymore either cuz of college. To be honest if it wasn't for our comments back and forth I woulda left already lol. My visits back here are usually very brief and I've extended my visit. But yea, I've already sent you a p.m. with my email and such, so you can just respond through there...or here. Wherever is cool. Ta for now smile

Yea, so the comment cut in half and I'm sure it's because it was way to long...so I posted the rest here. Have fun with that. lol
Lady Knight Faelynn Report | 12/06/2012 9:42 am
Lady Knight Faelynn
Ha ha nice. But yea it did suck not being able to stick it through, but sadly enough I remember almost all of the songs we sang. It's kinda funny. When my two cousins and I are together we usually sing them just to annoy everyone else or just cuz we're hyper and bored. They were in girl scouts with me too. The violin is a different story, though. I wanted to learn the guitar, and my mom wanted me to play the violin so she rented a violin for me when I was 8 and I've stuck with it since. A few times I wanted to just throw the thing across the room and give up, but she wouldn't let me. Now I'm glad that she made me do it though cuz I love it and write my own music occasionally. Joined orchestras, then went to private classical teachers since when I moved where there were no orchestras around. Then I ended up learning how to play the fiddle style. Personally I like the classical music better, but I also like the more relaxed positioning (way to hold the violin) of the fiddle. Just not a big fan of the country stuff, but everyone around me was so I figured why not right? Now I only play occasionally cuz of lack of free time due to college. Speaking of which, yea the repetitive schedule stuff does suck up until you get into classes you enjoy or at least I think so. 

But hey, I don't just work the register, I make the coffee and such as well :) Yea that sucks if it closes that early. Our coffee bar and cafeteria are in two different buildings. The cafeteria is by itself and the coffee bar is in the library which doesn't close til 3 in the morning unless it's during finals, then the lib is open 24/7. The coffee bar closes at midnight though like I said before. Yup definitely know that drill. I'm usually in the lib more than my dorm and the coffee helped A LOT. Only, I don't like black coffee...I had to get like a french vanilla latte or hazelnut or something. I'm picky like that. Gotta have something sweet. My friends say I'm not sweet enough so that's why I have to shove so much extra sugar in my body. Which I don't agree, but whatever. Their butt heads sometimes lol. Funny you should ask that about why I chose marine bio. When I was three I watched a movie by the name of Free Willy...yes the killer whale. I fell in love so that's what happened lol. Then Flipper...yea I know people make fun of those movies now, but hey, those are what shaped me now lol :) So I want to rescue/research, a little bit of vet work, and do photography on dolphins and orca whales. And you have no idea on how many people tell me good luck finding a job. But I'm determined, plus I already know where I want to work and how to get in good with them, so I'm gonna make it happen damn it. lol

Aww, that story about your cat is so cute lol That's awesome that you've had him that long. I hear ya there on going through rough times and that. Before Akira, I had an akita named Samuri. He was my baby. I went through some hard stuff concerning my family and all and I always went just to hang out and play with Sam and he always made it better. He was only four when my stupid a** neighbor poisoned him and his kidney failed so we had to put him down. That was like the worst day of my life. Then my mom knew that huskys were my favorite dog aside from akitas so she went and got me a husky for my high school graduation gift. She's not Sammy, but I love her just as much. She's helped me through some pretty rough times too before I left for Tx. She's almost three now and I swear if the neighbors get her like they did Sam, I'll probably end up in jail. That's how bad I hate those guys and love Akira. I've got lots of pictures of her on facebook. But anyway, yea she's my baby and probably the craziest dog anyone would ever meet. She likes to lay on her doghouse...yea [i]on[/i] not in. And yes as any husky she is hyper as hell. I think she ran out of energy once since I've had her and that's because we were out hiking all day then we played out on our field until it was dark
Lady Knight Faelynn Report | 12/05/2012 6:50 pm
Lady Knight Faelynn
Oh wow, dude. That was the longest comment I've ever read, but hey it was really entertaining so it's all good lol. The more stuff to read, the better xd . Wow, you were quite the busy bee growing up huh? That's awesome, I'm actually quite impressed with all that. I was in girl scouts when I was younger, but my family moved A LOT so I could never actually stay in it, or anything I started except the violin...I stuck with that. Finally after I turned 13, we settled in Illinois then I joined sports and stuff and stuck through it until I graduated high school. That's really awesome about your rank and all that, sounds like you got yourself all set up. biggrin You'll have to let me know if you like that better than college. xd Hell yea, I'll write you. I can send you a message on here with my email so we can do that back and forth or you can just send me your future address when you leave and I'll write by hand. Or both. Either way I'd like to keep in touch with ya whee

Awesome. Yea, I'm not on the main campus, I go to the one in Galveston since I want to be a marine biologist, but it's still pretty cool here, if not cooler xd . And of course our coffee bar is gonna be awesome, since I work here, duh. lol jk. But seriously it is pretty good if ya like coffee and such, and we stay open til midnight. Our cafeteria on the other hand freaking sucks. I hate the food they have...Well my decision on the school was kinda just a spur of the moment kind of deal actually. My mom was helping me find schools that have decent marine biology programs and she looked up this one and here I am later down the road, an aggie. I want to play with dolphins and orca whales eventually. Aww, what's your cats name? My dog's name is Akira...if you can pronounce that... lol How far did you move away from home for school? Does your family like that your going into the military? Anyway, I guess I'll get off here for now. I've gotta study for finals...yuck. Hope to here from ya soon biggrin
Lady Knight Faelynn Report | 12/04/2012 9:11 pm
Lady Knight Faelynn
Ha ha, your welcome...I guess. Not really sure how that works since that technically wasn't my doing. But that's awesome, what kind of work do you do? And congrats on the military thing. What made you decide? A lot of my family are in the military: navy, marine, army...list goes on. When do you leave for that? I'll have to write you when you go. A lot has changed for me too...moved to Texas to finish school. I'm an Aggie now if ya follow colleges. Work at the school coffee bar. And as odd as it is...since I've moved here from Illinois, I have to admit I really miss my dog. Really random but hey, it keeps a conversation going. lol
Lady Knight Faelynn Report | 12/03/2012 9:09 am
Lady Knight Faelynn
Ha ha nice. Yea, that's basically how it was for me. Except one of my friends actually convinced me to get back on, so I doubt it will last real long. But anyway, what's new since the last time forever ago when we talked?
Lady Knight Faelynn Report | 11/30/2012 3:07 pm
Lady Knight Faelynn
So it's been a really, really long time since I've been on here...how are ya?
Lady Knight Faelynn Report | 07/13/2012 12:41 pm
Lady Knight Faelynn
Happy b-day bud. Hope it's a good one smile