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Hello! Welcome to my profile! Thank you for stopping by! I often can be found in many different forums such as Gaia Community Discussion, Gaia Runway, Pokemon, and sometimes in Art Freebies.
I am a big fan of Caviler King Charles Spaniels as I have one myself. I like to travel, read, write, hike, swim, listen to music, and watch movie trailers.

My Favorite Item Themes: Bears, Trees, Flowers, Plants, Recreational, Foxes, Casual, Zoo, Woods, River, Lake, Bayou, Forest, Canyon, Indoor Rooms, I love Backgrounds!
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My Favorite Item Colors: Honey, Sable, Hickory, Burgundy, Ivory, Offwhite, Offblack, Blackbrown, Sapphire, Royal Icing, Rust, Cherie, Woodlands
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