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Birthday: 07/04/1989

My Ramblings about myself... >_>

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Hi all...if you're here, you're probably wondering about yours truly.

I'm a lot of things, actually. A J-rock geek, certifiable otaku... >.>; Fanfiction and fanart, I really don't have a life, do I?

Tch. Anyway, obviously you know me as for joining and creating many wonderful LITERATE RPs. Examples of RP's I have made include Moon <--> Sun (KH), xxx__JIYUU e no SHOUTAI~X (GetBackers), devil's.nightmare (crossover, DMC/KH/everything), Soul Rescuer/Eternity's Dream (Devil May Cry), and xxx__TOSHI kami ~holy BATTLE~: X/2999 (Next-gen X/1999).

As for artworks, I do lots of fanart/slapstick stuff, manga-style pages, and character sketches. Don't expect me to be doing a lot of CG jobs, though. I'll only do them if the pic is worthy enough or I actually WANT to do it, which doesn't happen all that often. I will do commissions, however. x3

I also have just recently gotten into cosplaying avatars, with my first being an effeminate version of everyone's favorite badass demonslayer Dante from the simply amazing Devil May Cry series. (DMC4, FFXIII, and the FF7 tech demo are basically the only reasons I'm gonna buy a PS3...once it goes down in price. Bastards. D=< wink

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CURRENT MULTIMEDIA: K's playthrough from King of Fighters: Maximum Impact II (KoF:2K6 in the US) That man is the smex, and one of the few characters whose voice wasn't slaughtered in the English dubbing. (Iori's laugh was ruined... ;___; )

Media (AKA Visual smex)


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DANTELOVERANDVERGIL Report | 07/06/2008 9:16 am
happy brithday im im2 days late i haveit been on gaia that long
Sand_Dragon91 Report | 07/04/2008 5:19 pm
Happy B-day! A tad late, but it is still your birthday! x3 So wooo!!!! *glomps* Sorry for not talking to you in so long. Have a good day!
bonestars Report | 07/03/2008 8:23 am
Hey Lii! <333 Remember me? It's okay if you don't; I'm prone to hiatus.

Anyway, Gaia tells me that your birthday is tomorrow and I love birthdays! Especially mine. Haha!

It's a sad fact, but I'm not going to be home at all on July 4th, so I'm wishing you happy birthday NOW.

RIGHT NOW. <3 Happy Birthday!

[I hope it really is your birthday. Otherwise I'll feel like a sillyface. Wait, I am a sillyface. Well, you know.]
Mercurial Anima Report | 05/14/2008 2:08 pm
Mercurial Anima
xD Hey Lii.

Lovin' the Sanzo.
Crazed Minion Report | 05/11/2008 6:51 pm
Crazed Minion
Hiya! Alex/Quinawesome here!
shadowwarrior2008 Report | 02/29/2008 11:22 pm
Hey Lii! We should RP together sometime!
Xyana Report | 02/15/2008 10:38 pm


I haven't gotten a chance to play it, noo. [sniffle sob]

...and...yeah...well...welll...YER FACE! D:<

[goes and sulks in a corner]


But that's cool for you I suppose...

I've never been to a convention >A<

Lemme know how things go? =3
Paws in Naughty Places Report | 01/01/2008 6:53 am
Paws in Naughty Places
~ You, sir, too, sir! Welcome to the grave!

Happy New Year~!

I will have vengeance, I will have salvation! ~
Xyana Report | 12/30/2007 1:04 pm
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selindiona05 Report | 12/26/2007 9:45 am
I like your hat smile


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