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//Pass code please....
Verifying please wait.........
//Access granted!
//CATION!!!! You are are about to enter the ONI data base under directive J-516 and ALPHA OMEGA. Entering this file with out proper concent directly from proper ONI persona or AI is punishable by death.
ZEARO S-X07 INFO edited by Dr. Catherine Elizabeth Halsey and an "unknown source"

Zearo was born on Zithramagi (a human planet in the Eridanus System of the Outer Colonies) in a town called MiaChron and went to school at "Zithramagian school". Zearo had a wonderful family. They shared one of the greatest unconditional loves you could ever see in a human. But one day they left him. Not intentionality to hurt him but to protect him. They knew were after him so they left in a large car to attract attention. Needless to say they did not live. The family was killed by personnel. After that he had anger problems. He wanted revenge but didn't know who to direct his anger to so he was just mad at the world. The let him build his anger for a few years before took him to Reach to be trained for project "ORION". This project was unfortunately a failure. After realizing this Zearo was taken from his normal carer as a spartan to become the main guinypig for the UNSC. anything we came up with, he tested first. he has all augmentations from all successful and failed projects. He became a project of his own, this project is known as "PROJECT ZEAR0". the longer time went on the harder his missions we let him pick out an AI. His name was Hamalton. Zearo got along well with him... until Hamalton was destroyed by a covenant FRG or fuel rod gun. so we gave him a team. we took him to the best training facility we could find and there he hand picked his team. he picked two people that day those people are Trinity and Xenos. the team then were given exparamental AIs Serena, Miku, and Zeno that should live as long and you dont delete them. The 7 members of project ZEAR0 where sent to protect earth until reinforcments could help. There he found AI...Cortana..... Along with all the knowledge he could ever need to exact his revenge. and with this knowledge he finally realized what was going on. He realized that killed his family. He was furious and left the planet with the remainder of his team. After that he just seemed to have disappeared i guess we trained him too well. The ONI and myself have not been able to get any any speculation on where he is...yet... (flexible file)

//This may be subject to hacking. Proceed?
Transferring please wait..........
ZEAR0 S-X07's personally written Bio

Hello my name is Zearo. I guess sense your here and reading this you must be pretty damn high up...or know how to hack very well. you also apparently want to know who i am. well first off I am a Neko but i don't exactly prefer being called "cute"...and the wings do not mean i'm an angel...with that out of the way....about my life I was drafted in the Special Ops when they decided that no one wanted me. So I served an extra long term they kept me for 46 years (they took me when I was 3). I was the ultimate killing machine......well i am the ultimate killing machine.They did strange tests on me. They made me faster, stronger, over all better. when I was 1 year from getting out they made a new substance. it was supposed to kill me. But, unfortunately it did not it just did this to me. My hair went gray, my ageing prosses stopped and temporarily reversed. my mind is so now powerful that I can control my subconscious mind therefor I can alter "reality". Some may call me a "God", however, I am not immortal, can not often use this power, and I can not alter humans in any way (except for by physical means). I found through advanced research the cat ears, tail and the wings has nothing to do with the experiments........well not intentionally at least. Its because they were testing on a cat and a bird right before me and there was a hair and a feather in the room so that's why.



SUBJECT OF: projects "ZEAR0" "ORION" "SPARTAN-I" ect.

NAME: classified

AGE: 50




ABILITY: abnormal strength, abnormal speed, abnormal IQ, abnormal agility,
subconscious control, flying ext.

DISABILITYS: post-traumatic stress d.o., depression d.o., extreme rage d.o, over protectiveness, ext.

CURRENT THREAT STATUS: major threat to humanity

WATCH STATUS: if seen call for air strike

PAST MILITARY POSITIONS: spec.ops., Spartan, sniper, o.d.s.t., assassin, mercenary, assault force, mechanic, drill Sargent, battalion commander, task force, pilot, hacker, black ops., S.P.A.R.T.A.N.F., ext.

AI: Alpha XV or "Serena"

SPECIALIZED IN: command, assault, strength, agility, balance, sniping, explosives, piloting, driving, turret manning, hacking, telekinesis, ext.

SERVED ON: reach, halo, New Mombasa, earth, ext.

MEMBER OF PROJECTS: "ZEAR0", "Blackout", "Kaitero", "Shadow", "Orion", "Infinity", "Spartan-II", "Spartan-III", "Kitsune", "White Dragon", Compoundintelligence, ext.

MILITARY RANK: Insignia commander

KILL COUNT (COV.): 38386795649646275964



SIZE: 6 ft.11 in. tall and 1 ft. 3 in, wide

HAIR: Grey

EYES: Reactive to mood

BLOOD TYPE: experimental type Z +- (Universal)

IQ LEVEL: 8975.89

RACE: Causation


WEIGHT: 561lbs and 20 oz.




LIKES: sex, being scratched behind the ears, food, shotguns, automatic weapons, turret guns, heavy weapons, his armor, ext.

DISLIKES: killing, single shot weapons, the military, people that mess with his men/women, being called cute, being called an angel, covenant, ext.
Trinity S-AN001 INFO edited by Dr. Catherine Elizabeth Halsey

Trinity was born on Earth (the original Earth) she was drafted in the usual way (taken and replaced with a flash clone) she was one of the kindest people you would ever meet and she was easily taken by emotion. But other than that she was almost perfect. She was very smart, strong, and a great medic. When she was 14 and out of boot camp the UNSC decided Zearo needed a team. He came to the training station were all the Spartans were gathered. They were set out in the field swapping stations as Zearo walked around telling people things like “you look like your holding back….you not allowed to feel sorry for your opponent” though he had his eye on Trinity (and Xenos) the whole time (if I didn’t know Zearo I could have sworn he had a crush on her) he came to me “that one” he said to me I didn’t want her to go with him. I knew that he was sent on the missions he was. When I asked why he wanted her he said “she is not ready…I shall make her so” I didn’t want to let her go but I knew Zearo was good to his word…so I reluctantly let her go with him. But first I told her about what Zearo did and she told me “the fact that you felt you needed to explain that to me proves that I have to go…to prove that I am a Spartan” she
then left with Zearo...

Trinity’s written Bio

I guess I am supposed to tell you stuff about me but I don’t know what to say so BYESSSSS


SUBJECT OF: project "SPARTAN-II" ect.

NAME: Trinity Miku Zammy

AGE: 27

HOME TOWN: Flagstaff



ABILITY: abnormal strength, abnormal speed, abnormal IQ, abnormal agility, ext.

DISABILITYS: overly sensitive, emotional, ext.

CURRENT THREAT STATUS: major threat to humanity

WATCH STATUS: if seen call for air strike

PAST MILITARY POSITIONS: Spartan, sniper, assault force, mechanic, Medic, ext.

AI: Alpha XV or "Serena"

SPECIALIZED IN: assault, strength, agility, balance, sniping, turret manning, ext.

SERVED ON: Reach, Halo, Earth, ext.

MEMBER OF PROJECTS: "Blackout", "Kaitero", "Shadow", "Infinity", "Spartan-II", "Kitsune", ext.

MILITARY RANK: Warrant officer grade 3

KILL COUNT (COV.): 173894



SIZE: 5 ft.11 in. tall and 1ft wide

HAIR: blond

EYES: brown


IQ LEVEL: 1732.82

RACE: Causation


WEIGHT: 98 lbs and 10 oz.




LIKES: sex, Zearo, ice cream, curry

DISLIKES: people that mess with his men/women, mean people, covenant, ext.

Xenos S-087 INFO edited by Dr. Catherine Elizabeth Halsey

Xenos was born on Halo. He is a direct subset of a Spartan which makes him a “Spartan-II” so of course he was drafted. The night he was born his mom died of bleed out. And his father was sniped while he was crying over the mother’s corpse. Luckily John-117 found him, crying in a pool of blood. When John brought him back we named him…Xenos(meaning stranger) what else could we have thought of him? When he was old enough to have his armor he never took it off (though strangely kept clean) and the armor just seemed as though his armor grew with him(my theory is he modified it when he needed to) also through his whole life he had never spoken a word. No one had ever heard him speak. It’s odd. But that is aside the point…Xenos was put in the same boot camp as Trinity and when they met things just clicked she seemed to understand him. When Zearo needed a team he was sent to my training facility to pick out a few Spartans. The moment Zearo looked up into that thick mysterious visor of Xenos’ he said “follow me big guy…your coming with me” he willingly followed I asked if that was it and he said “I don’t need a team…or want one…you know that…this is the minimum amount of Spartans…and the fact that he wasn’t training tells me that we might get along”. When I told him about the missions he went on he just nodded. And with that Zearo took his team of Spartans and left.

Xenos’ written Bio

there is not much for me to say...i dont do much talking....i dont do any...


SUBJECT OF: project "SPARTAN-II" ect.

NAME: Xenos Alexandria Manford

AGE: 45

HOME TOWN: somewhere on Halo



ABILITY: abnormal strength, abnormal speed, abnormal IQ, abnormal agility, ext.


CURRENT THREAT STATUS: major threat to humanity

WATCH STATUS: if seen call for air strike

PAST MILITARY POSITIONS: Spartan, sniper, assault force, mercenary, assault force, task force, pilot, black ops., S.P.A.R.T.A.N.F., ext.

AI: Alpha XV or "Serena"

SPECIALIZED IN: assault, strength, agility, balance, sniping, turret manning, ext.

SERVED ON: Reach, Halo, Earth, ext.

MEMBER OF PROJECTS: "Blackout", "Kaitero", "Shadow", "Infinity", "Spartan-II", "Kitsune", ext.

MILITARY RANK: Major grade two

KILL COUNT (COV.): 80344894



SIZE: 7 ft.10 in. tall and 1ft and 10in wide




IQ LEVEL: 9792.72



WEIGHT: 750lbs and 10 oz.




LIKES: curry, pancakes, ect.

DISLIKES: people that mess with his men/women, mean people, covenant, UNSC, ext.

Shilo-V07 INFO edited by Dr. Catherine Elizabeth Halsey

Shilo was an amazing acheivement. she is a breed between all of the strongest and smartest animals. a pure breed, with the brains of a human,speed of a cheeta, the strength of a Gorila and a tiger,the protectivenes of a Doberman Pinscher, aggresion of a pit bull, and the looks of a husky (all of these animals went through Spartan augmentations and training of course). its is amazing that it worked...i would love to explain but that is classified. only Zearo, , Keyes, and myself may know. she is, needless to say, the best animal i have ever worked with. everything was going so well....until some one stole her. we dont know where she is or if we will ever get her back but if not 10 years of my life went down the drain.


CONFIDENTIAL: subject Shil0

SUBJECT OF: projects "shIl0" "ORION" "hYbrId" "SPARTAN-I" ect.

NAME: Shilo

AGE: 7



ABILITY: abnormal strength, abnormal speed, abnormal IQ, abnormal agility, ext.

WATCH STATUS: if seen call for UNSC animal control

SPECIALIZED IN: assault, strength, agility, balance, turret manning, ext.

MEMBER OF PROJECTS: "shIl0", "Orion","Spartan-II",ext.


KILL COUNT (COV.): 95964



SIZE: 5 ft.11 in. tall and 1ft. 10in wide

FUR: black top, white bottom, and ornge face

EYES: fouresent blue


IQ LEVEL: 295.89


WEIGHT: 361lbs and 20 oz.




LIKES: being scratched behind the ears, food, Zearo

DISLIKES: killing, people that mess with his men/women, covenant, ext.
This file is being shut down manually

/Good bye

Senshi Meta Eon Yivo

Hi! I am Senshi Meta Eon Yivo...but my friends call me Yivo. when i was a kid i grew up in a little place called Kansas. in this place, new ideas are not accepted and those who are different are shunned. i was different...very different...ever sense i was a child i was a little "weird" as some would say. i was ignored most of my life by my family. they were too focused on my perfect sister Maria. the only thing people called me was 'Maria's little brother'. i didnt have any friends... i was alone in the world and longing for love and compassion. when i was about 7 i discovered my grandma's old witch craft book. within was a spell to bring inanimate objects to life. i brought my plush dog, floppy, to life with a human like consciousnesses and all that jazz. when my sister found out about the spell she told all of her friends and they told their friends and so on and so forth. she even stole him and took him to school...the kids....tore him apart....i can still hear him screaming...screaming for the pain to end.... ever sence then the kids at school would call me a "freak" or "witch" and suggest that i be burnt... that didnt end....ever...soon after my parents became embarrassed of me...more so then usual. they said i am 'mentally challenged'...i was sent to an Asylum where i lived until i was about 10 when a man came to the Asylum.

~WHAT HAPPENED (in 3rd person)~
the man walked into the Asylum and asked to see Senshi Meta Eon Yivo. the woman in the front looked at the man strangely "what do you want to see him for?" she asked suspiciously. "where is the boy?" the man asked again " floor room 777" the girl said to the man giving him a visitors pass. "thank you" the man said before heading to the elivtater and to room 777. he opened the door to yivo laying in his bed awake. "are you Senshi Meta Eon Yivo?". Yivo sat up "you dont look familiar". he man smiled "im not from around here" yivo's face brightened "thats good to hear". the man sat down next to Yivo "Yivo...why are you here?" "i found a strange book with directions to bring things to life" "that sounds cool" "i wish i could say the same" a long silence passed. "Yivo...what if i told you that there is a place for you? a place for people with unlimited potential...just like you" "potential? thats laughable" "you dont know it yet, but you will soon realize" "what good is potential when your in a cage" "ill make you a deal" "what kind of deal?" the man layed Yivo's old witchcraft book on the bed "if you take this book and master the art of witchcraft and sorcery i will take you away from this place" "i could leave? no way" "do what you will Yivo" the man stood up and headed for the door "but i will be back" Yivo stood up "wait!....who are you?" the man turned back to Yivo "admen77...i will be back for you Yivo" the man left the building and left Yivo to practice. Yivo picked up the book once again and began his first 5 years Yivo had memorized the whole book inside and out. that is when the admen came for Yivo. the man opened the door and smiled "it is time Yivo" he said quietly. Yivo jumped up ran to the man and hugged him "i knew you would come back!" he said starting to cry "its ok Yivo. your troubles are over now" "thank you so much!" Yivo said trough his sobs "i did it admen!" "i know you did Yivo. im proud of you use a time control spell to pause time so we can leave" Yivo smiled "ok" he easily stopped time and they walked out. "Where are we going?" Yivo asked the admen wiping his tears "Gaia...the land of infinite potential" and off they home....




Zearo S-X07
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Heck Sprout Report | 05/21/2012 2:10 pm
Heck Sprout
*sparta kick to the face* I'm sorry, I'm so unbelievably bored that I have to take advantage of the fact that you're online. xD
xXx_wOLfhunter_xXx18 Report | 12/24/2011 12:34 am
caN U donate me umm.. some 500k?
if u dont want , then donate me lower but you cannot donate me lower than 30k
..Its more like caroling xD.... ♫we, wish you a merry x-mas(3x) and a happy new year♫
hehe, xD

btw, you are a great artist ... ^^
rafiv_31 Report | 12/05/2011 1:52 am
copy this to 10 profiles so you can get 10,000,000g it works im rich!!
Chicken Mongler Report | 11/19/2011 6:13 pm
Chicken Mongler
im sorry but i kinda forgot about you then i remerberd then forgot
_SyCo_JeStEr_101 Report | 10/28/2011 5:21 pm
i never forgot about you sad
MiNdless BehaviOr Freek Report | 07/29/2011 9:18 pm
MiNdless BehaviOr Freek
woww , well idk wat to say . exclaim rolleyes stare
Kitten_Amerika Report | 06/24/2011 2:54 pm
Liru said she was occupied by her family and friends. The last i saw her was i think a half week ago. She seemed to be doing well, however i miss her too. sad
AcryIic Report | 06/21/2011 5:50 pm
meow! :3
AcryIic Report | 06/21/2011 5:31 pm
*growls more*
AcryIic Report | 06/21/2011 5:19 pm
Bark!!! :3 *growls*


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