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"What can I say? I'm a Nobody. Call me Kit."

Nobody Name: Kitomyx
Age or age appearance: Appears to be in early 20's
Gender: Appears to be male
Hair: Black, wavy, styled back, and shin-length
Eyes: Heterochromic - right is aqua blue, left is dark, dark brown
Height: 6'3"
Weapon/Name of Weapon: A mood ring called Inconsistance
Powers/Limit Breaks: Color Chaos
Personality: As a Nobody, Kitomyx has no emotions but pretends to by acting on the memories he obtained when he was a Somebody. He isn't too keen on emotions, however, because his heart and Somebody were far too emotional and miserable being that way. Thus, Kit is almost always smiling a cheshire grin. He also seems to find interest in stirring up the emotions (or fake emotions) of others, usually by touch or speech.
Since he is, essentially, just a shell of a body with a soul, the only 'feelings' he can have are those of physical sensations. For this reason, he craves both pain and pleasure, seeking them from others and acting on sensual instincts with no regard for personal space. He seems to be a sado-masochist. He's pretty difficult to upset or anger, even just as a display of false emotion, but he seems to dislike getting wet, being called immature, and being stared at.
Title/Proof of Existance: The Shapeless Shifter
Any other physical description of your character: Kitomyx has a pair of tattoos - one under each eye. They are aqua blue and are wavy lines that end in small curls. Similar to Demyx's element of water and theme of music, or Luxord's element of time and theme of games, Kitomyx has an element of change and a theme of color. Though he is a shapeshifter, he is more likely to change only parts of his body rather than his whole self. His most common form is that of a young man with feline ears, a tufted tail, and, on occasion, three pairs of wings - bird/angel feathered wings, fairy/insect gossamer wings, and bat/demon leather wings. In his ears he also usually wears 5 silver earrings and around his neck a collar of aqua blue.
Small summary of your backstory: Kitomyx was created from a young girl - Tymiko - who refused to grow up and whose heart feel prey to the darkness when she realized her wish could not come to be. However, she didn't realize for a long time that she had become a Heartless. Kitomyx appears very different from his Somebody in appearence, both age and gender-wise, because while Tymiko wants to stay the same, his element is change and he is essentially all she stands against. However, as he is a part of her, Kit does his best to try to get this girl to accept him because as they are one and the same, only then will she be able to accept herself and they will once again become whole.

- Ref 1 (Org Outfit)
- Ref 2 (Versus Tymiko)
- Ref 3 (Org Outfit w/other Nobodies)
- Ref 4 (Casual Wear Colored)
- Ref 5 (Casual Wear w/Wings Sketch)
- Art Gallery (The rest of his refs)


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BOMB4Y Report | 01/29/2018 10:01 pm
Right? whee And because he's considered an original character now I get to mash his personality up with Tamaki's. lol It'll be too funny! Not entirely sure if the Princely Host would enjoy the struggle for attention though.

Oh wow! You applied for it using both? I have a feeling it'll be a first-come-first-serve thing at this point. They're both good as hosts even if Izaya needs... some work on his personality. mad Sorry, Shizu-chan just really doesn't like the guy hahaha! I'll bet Izaya as a guest would really give the hosts a hilariously hard time lol Especially the guarded host.
BOMB4Y Report | 01/29/2018 8:18 pm
I'm actually kind of reusing Kise, a canon character I played before, for personality purposes for the guest I applied as. redface I turned him into a mermaid prince, though, but remained an attention-seeking playboy.
BOMB4Y Report | 01/29/2018 8:14 pm
I see! It's hard to pick. I liked them both, actually. They're both great to have around. Owen's reliable and mysterious, so he's charming that way. Puck is magical and full of surprises - he's fun too! Owen makes a great host, I'll admit. Puck does make an interesting guest who can give the hosts contests he can conjure with magic. If you're going to sign up as a guest, you might find Puck a lot more fun to play. 3nodding Puck's probably good at RPing Kyouya if he ever tried to hahahaha!

Oh no no! whee I signed up as a guest, but I'm very sure I'm going to play a hand at trying to out-host the Princely Host. lol I'm totally confusing!
BOMB4Y Report | 01/29/2018 7:43 pm
Edit: but if you like, you can play other characters, even Izaya, to give the hosts a hard time lol Don't let anything limit you ok redface
BOMB4Y Report | 01/29/2018 7:41 pm
Is that true?? emotion_0A0 WOW! Talk about coincidences!

Oh, I know I did. Kaneki found him very reliable and reassuring to have around, for sure. The guests liked him too, from what I saw. Somehow I thought he really suited the role of a knowledgeable host, but even as a guest he'd be a really distinguished one, smart, but still quite playful (if there's Puck's personality surfacing). He's a bit like a stoic with a twinkle. emotion_kirakira Can't describe it, but I thought he was nice to have around. My inner Kaneki liked him a lot more than he did Izaya. Well, that's how he feels anyway! lol

I'll be expy-ing Kise, who'll give him a run for his money anyway, guest or not. lol He'll probably have to put this annoying guest in his place haha!
BOMB4Y Report | 01/29/2018 6:52 pm
Ohhh no! I haven't the faintest idea. gonk How about fanart though? Are you using Owen Burnett as a faceclaim or Puck's original form?

The closest I can get to Owen is Ronald Nox from Black Butler cry But he's such an a** that every expression he has on his face is... completely Ronald

User Image

This one reminds me of Puck. I've never watched the show though. This character is Makishima Shougo.

User Image

Sorry i'm not much help crying
BOMB4Y Report | 01/26/2018 9:43 pm
Whooo! emotion_brofist it's gonna be so fun to have you around to play with again!

Let's not wreck the host club this time, alright? lol
BOMB4Y Report | 01/24/2018 8:00 pm
Oh! I just got a PM saying my reserve was accepted to the Host Club. emotion_yatta That one I feel we would have a blast in together - perhaps with Puck again, if you like. He's too cool, okay?
BOMB4Y Report | 01/24/2018 7:49 pm
Right? It's so in time. whee

Yeah - I went on right ahead to apply as a guest, but while I see the mail out of the box already read, I haven't received a reply yet. In all honesty I doooooooon't think I'll be accepted given my poor track record. But we'll see! I'll give it a week before I move on. I saw it and felt Robin would fit in like a glove. He's resourceful and charming, really. He'll have so many people asking for him even if you didn't apply for the Princely Host slot.

I see, 1x1's huh? Glad you're able to manage them. 3nodding Yeah, three - they don't move very fast fortunately, and one has gone very quiet. The two I linked are fun in their own way. I'm having a nicer time with the color bands one so far because the folk there seem really upbeat and friendly. Also Candypants got a remake there so ha! whee

Graced by my...? emotion_0A0 Wow wow, try not to make me feel like royalty here, my head's swollen as it is already

Mmm yeah - I noticed you were in Breedables! It certainly is a different kind. I'm not really familiar with them, but basically you RP to have it transform and change, right?

Ay, no rush! Take your time to settle down. I'm not even sure if I'll be accepted to the host one, and it seems to be closed. lol But join the other two only if you like. redface The space colony one is not a very suave one though.

I have no idea. gonk They're all fun in their own way. These are all not fandom-related. I haven't really played any since, though I may have mashed up the personalities of some existing characters into a few characters. ninja

Switching around just like a ghost I see emotion_dowant
BOMB4Y Report | 01/22/2018 10:53 pm
Izayacchi yum_puddi You still around?

I stumbled upon this new Host Club RP thread thing while poking around:
What do you think?

I mean like... I'm kinda asking around because I'm shy about going at these higher class rps hehe. What's your take on it?


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